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Song of the day: Dire Straits- Money For Nothing


In 1985, the Dire Straits released the album Brothers In Arms, which would be a big hit album. The song is about a working class man, who comments on music videos. The intro is sung by Sting, who also was a co-writer. Mark Knopfler wanted to imitate the guitar playing of ZZ Top in the song, and though the guitarist of ZZ Top did not tell Knopfler a thing about it, he has said that Knopfler did do a very good job. The video of the song was the first to be aired on MTV Europe… In the US it was number 1, in the UK number 4. Enjoy

Dire Straits- Money For Nothing


Song of the day: ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man

ZZ Sharp dressed men

This would actually be one of the last records in the record stores, since alfabetically they are the very last. Z and then another Z, but that didn’t stop the audience from buying their records. I’m not surprised, actually, because the records are good rock! And they had beards… I like how they looked (strangely enough) and their music, too. That’s one of the reasons they are song of today. The other reason is the great instrumental piece in this song. I LOVE it!

So for today, we’ve got:

ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man