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Song of the day: Tracy Chapman- Fast Car

tracy chapman fast car

Most of the people I know, who heard this song for the first time, say it’s a man singing. I now know better: it’s a woman. And it’s a beautiful song, although the lyrics are a bit different. It’s about poverty over several generations… It starts with the singer, who is the daughter of a mother, who divorces from her alcoholic husband. After a lot of problems at home, she leaves town and starts to work in the city. However, her life takes the same road as her mothers life: her husband is alcoholic too, and the story starts all over again. And yes, she too tells her husband to leave. Listen to this beautiful song from 1988:

Tracy Chapman- Fast Car


Song of the day: Al Stewart- Year Of The Cat

alstewart year of the cat

My my! More good intro’s, this time with a piano as a solo! I guess the seventies were the time of the good intro’s, since I found so much of them during the last days! Of course the song of Al Stewart is very good, although I still don’t know where it is about… something with a cat and a woman? Never really took time to analyse them, even now I’m just looking quickly into them…
However, it’s a great song you should enjoy! (And with a sax!)

Al Stewart- Year Of The Cat

Song(s) of the day: Caro Emerald- Tangled Up / The Lumineers- Ho Hey!

Ho hey there,

Today we’ve got 2 new songs!

The first song has a title which is simular to the first two words of this post.
You might know Mumford and Sons, and if you like them, you might like this group as well.
If you don’t like them, you probably won’t like this song as well…
It are The Lumineers with Ho Hey!

And then there’s a new song of the woman which I find very good…
She’s Dutch, and she has had one song of the day before.
It’s the new song of Caro Emerald, which is named: Tangled Up
I absolutely like this new song!