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Song of the day: Cat Stevens- Wild World


In 1970, Cat Stevens wrote a new song for his fourth studio album. The song is about Patti D’Arbanville, an actress with whom Cat Stevens had a relationship. This song is about the end of their relationship. The song did well: number 11 in the US. It also has been covered many times, including versions by Jimmy Cliff, Maxi Priest, Mr. Big and many others. Jonathan King even claimed the Pet Shop Boys used the melody in their song It’s A Sin! To demonstrate that, he recorded Wild World on the melody of It’s A Sin. Eventually this song flopped and the Pet Shop Boys won the case… Enjoy

Cat Stevens- Wild World

Song of the day: Mr. Big- Wild World


Yes, the world is strange. I totally agree to that. A band called “Mr. (!) Big” has some hits with soft and intimate songs, while they normally make hardrock, metal and more of that stuff. That’s strange, isn’t it? However, they made a good choice making those songs, because I think it were their biggest hits: To Be With You and the song of the day. Enjoy:

Mr. Big- Wild World