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Song of the day: 4 Non Blondes- What’s Up?

Okay, the songs for the last days will be put on as soon as possible, but I want to put on the songs for the next days firstly, because they are still to come. What a drama if your internet doesn’t want to load at all and you did not plan in some songs… (That’s why there’s no illustration yet: next week…)

4 non blondes what's up

For today, I’ve got a nice song from the nineties which was made by four women who thought: well, we are no blondes, let’s do something with that in our bandname. They only had one hit, but I think they made good money of it, since it peaked at number one in a lot of different countries. And note this: the title is not mentioned in the song… Actually they wanted to call it What’s Going On, but this title was already in use by Marvin Gaye, so they thought, to avoid confusion: we call it What’s Up. Enjoy

4 Non Blondes- What’s Up?