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Song of the day: The Mama’s And The Papa’s- Monday Monday


In 1966, John Phillips wrote a new song for his band. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Easybeats- Friday On My Mind


In 1966, George Young and Harry Vanda wrote a worldwide hit. They made a contrast between the ‘bad’ work week, which is boring, and the ‘good’ weekend, which is like a party. The beginning would be inspired on the Swingle Sisters, who the group had seen and imitated. That way, they found the first notes. The song in total charted on number 1 in the Netherlands, number 6 in the UK and 16 in the US. Enjoy

The Easy Beats- Friday On My Mind

Song of the day: Earth & Fire- Weekend


Well, today it’s Saturday, so… WEEKEND! And therefore I thought it might be nice to find a track which matches the time. I found this old disco classic from Earth And Fire (not to be confused with Earth, Wind & Fire, as I did). Earth and Fire was a band from The Hague, so from Holland. They began their career in the sixties, and this classic is from the late seventies, so TOP-disco and an international hit. Enjoy your weekend and

Earth & Fire- Weekend

Song of the day: Vangelis- Conquest of Paradise

Hi there,

Firstly, I think I made a mistake yesterday. Apparently, I thought that it would be friday today, but it isn’t.
A simple case of Michael Gray, or simply: The Weekend (I Can’t Wait For The Weekend To Begin).

But okay, then there is a new song of the day, a soundtrack!
The soundtrack of today was successful, but the movie wasn’t! The movie was about Columbus, but it was no big hit.
The song became a success when a boxer used it when entering the ring.
It’s Vangelis with Conquest Of Paradise!

Tomorrow there are two songs, because then it is Friday! (Checked it)

Song of the day: Berlin- Take My Breath Away

Hi there,

I thought it might be nice to make a soundtrack song of the day.
It’s a fact for me that it’s an excellent record, I really can’t say if the movie is the same, since I have not yet watched it.
However, I have recorded it, so I’m going to watch it in the weekend or sometime in the near future!

The soundtrack I do know, so I know that it’s made by Berlin, and that it is called Take My Breath Away!

And of course it’s eighties= good music.

Tomorrow two new songs, and then more soundtracks!