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Song of the day: The Pretenders- Don’t Get Me Wrong

Yes, I’m still looking out on a white landscape… I want it to disappear!

But, looking to the weather forecast, it will not dissappear in the coming days!
At least I’ve got a song of the day to make it some more bearable.

The song of today is coming from the eighties. It’s made by a band which is still active today, but had the most hits in the eighties.
It are The Pretenders with Don’t Get Me Wrong.

Well, that helps me through today. Tomorrow another song!

Song of the day: The Beach Boys- Good Vibrations

Hello everyone,

I’m now looking out my window, and I see a white landscape. By the way, that’s in Holland.
Well, when it’s like this (I hate snow) I start looking for something sunny.

Since I’m doing songs of the sixties, the song of the day is made by the Beach Boys.
All their songs are quite sunny, with as ultimate song: Good Vibrations.

Well, this makes my day!

Song of the day: the Weather Girls- It’s Raining Men

Hello everyone!

It’s gonna rain… I said that yesterday, too!
But it’s not gonna rain normal drops. It’s not raining snow, too!

It’s raining men, according to the Weather Girls!

That’s nice, isn’t it?
By the way, it’s the original song. The song was covered by several singers, of which Geri Halliwell is the best known.

Have fun with it! (and don’t be ashamed to get singing and dancing)

P.S. The YouTube-video was blocked, so I couldn’t put in the YouTube-video.

“Do you think it can rain men?”
“No, but I once had a dog on my car. It came falling straight from heaven!”