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Song of the day: Johnny And The Hurricanes- Red River Rock


Ah! I like this record, although I don’t own it…
That’s because of two things: Firstly the song of the day, which sounds sunny, and you get the feeling that summer is coming. Furthermore, the record is quite impressive, with the melody. I think it’s very good.

Secondly, but that is my own strange thing… I like VW-busses, although I have problems getting in them (I’m round the 1.95 metres…)
All in all, more surf music: Enjoy Johnny & The Hurricanes with Red River Rock!


Song of the day: Men At Work- Down Under

Hello everyone,

After the unofficial clip from yesterday, I’ve got a quite funny clip for you!

Which song? Down Under from Men at Work!

Especially note the koalabear in the first minute!
I hope you find it funny as well!I find the VW-bus in the beginning also nice, because I like these busses!

Greetings and tomorrow a new song!