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Song of the day: Cock Robin- The Promise You Made

Hi there,

If you talk to me about the eighties, there are hundreds of good records which I can name and tell why I like them.
The song of today is also from the eighties, and it’s one of those good records.
However, there’s no special reason why I find this song good.
It’s just a good record, and it would certainly occur in a list of good records from the eighties.

It’s Cock Robin with The Promise You Made.

Talking about promises, there’s something I want to do. In just some more than a month it’s my birthday.
Since I like music very much, but also hitlists, I want to make a hitlist of the songs of the day.
In a few days, I will put on a voting list for this hitlist. I will put it together and the hitlist will be published on my birthday.
Visit this site regularly, and you will find this voting list.