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Song of the day: Ultra Naté- Free


A nineties song which has the best of almost everything in dance music: disco, house, and the nineties sound. It was a single of her third album, and it managed to become a hit in a lot of countries. For some people, this song is one of the best songs of the nineties, regarding dance music. I think I could agree on that one. The voice of Ultra Naté is great, and it’s a shame she did not have a lot of hits. So get dancing to this hit! Enjoy

Ultra Naté- Free


Song of the day: Barry Ryan- Eloise


A great man with a great voice! Especially this song is sung with a great passion for the person Eloise. The ahahahahah, followed by the desperate singing, and then the revival. Great, all in a song. Enjoy a hit in 1968:

Barry Ryan- Eloise

Song of the day: Lisa Stansfield- All Around The World


If I have to choose a song which is really good, it is difficult to choose. But okay, this one is one of the nominees. Especially the music is good: a touch of dance, together with the violins, gives it a nice atmosphere. And that’s what I like about the song: a good voice, the classic touch and the dance touch, combined in one song! What does a man want more? Nothing! Enjoy:

Lisa Stansfield- All Around The World

Song of the day: Grace Jones- Slave To The Rhythm

grace jones slave to the rhythm

Sometimes songs have strange ways of going… Slave To The Rhythm was intended to go to Frankie Goes To Hollywood as follow-up of their hit Relax. However, it ended up with Grace Jones, and I think that’s not a shame. I actually can’t imagine Slave To The Rhythm being sung by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. That’s mainly because of the voice of Grace Jones. She has such a good voice! It’s a bit mysterious, you can say… and that what makes this song song of the day. Because it’s such a mystical song. Enjoy

Grace Jones- Slave To The Rhythm

Song of the day: Mike Oldfield- Shadow On The Wall


Yeah! A big man back in the eighties, and I can’t think of any reason why he should not have been a hit machine… of course there are other songs I could have featured, like Moonlight Shadow or Tubular Bells, but it’s this song which is my favourite. It has his voice, which has that special sound, the synthesizer sounds in the background, and then that characteristic “Shadow on the wall!” Do you have the picture? And then I’ve not talked about the text yet… No wonder of course, because I can’t make anything out of that. If I had to analyze this text, I would probably get stuck. It’s mostly Shadow On The Wall, but what the rest has to do with it? No idea.

Doesn’t matter, just enjoy:

Mike Oldfield- Shadow On The Wall

Music documentary 1: About The Doors

I intend to give some attention to a music documentary here every week.
And I thought that it might be nice kicking off with a documentary about The Doors I saw some weeks ago. It is called When You’re Strange, and it told the story of the Doors quite good. I didn’t know a lot about the Doors before it, but I decided to fill this missing knowledge by watching the documentary. It is made good, with a lot of archive material, the voice of Johnny Depp telling the story of the Doors. There were some parts in between the archive material I didn’t see the use of, when a man who is riding his car, but that can be my fault…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to a website where the whole movie can be watched, so if you have it…

The documentary is worth watching if you don’t know a lot about the Doors, and I think fans who have not seen it yet might enjoy it as well.

Rating: ****

Song of the day: Anastacia- Left Outside Alone

Hi there,

Today some power! After Alanis Morissette, this is one of my favourite singers, too.
This woman really has a powerful voice, and I like this song so much!

Hope you like it, too:

Anastacia with Left Outside Alone.

Tomorrow two new songs, in a new month!