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Song of the day: Deep Purple- Child In Time


This song by Deep Purple is a long one: more than 10 minutes! The music of the song was based on the song Bombay Calling by the band It’s a Beautiful Day, which was fresh. Jon Lord played this music on a keyboard, and Ian Gillian liked it. With a few changes, it would fit the lyrics he thought of at that moment. The theme would be the Cold War and so the protest song against the Vietnam War was ready. It’s one of their biggest hits. Enjoy

Deep Purple- Child In Time

Want to hear and know more about Vietnam War protest songs? Visit my new site:

Song of the day: Christie- Yellow River

Christie Yellow River

A song from 1970, which became a big hit in lots of countries. It charted at 1 in the UK and 23 in the US. Jeff Christie wrote it and gave it to the Tremeloes, who would record it in 1970. However, they had success with another song and decided to write their own songs. The producer therefore changed their vocals into those of Jeff Christie. The song was a huge hit in 1970. Many will ask where the Yellow River is located. The writer had the idea of a soldier returning from the Civil War in America, but at the time the Vietnam War was still going on, so many others interpreted it as a Vietnam soldier. Enjoy

Christie- Yellow River

Song of the day: Paul Hardcastle- 19


I have decided to do my Profielwerkstuk, a big research to a particular subject. I will do my research to the relation between the Vietnam War and the music about this war. One of the songs which I already know about Vietnam, is 19 from Paul Hardcastle. Perhaps more songs will be posted, or I will make a special blog for this (I have to discuss that). Enjoy:

Paul Hardcastle- 19

Song of the day: Rod McKuen- Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes


Okay, I don’t want to get too political with the songs I post. If you’re interested in those songs, maybe you should check out this site:
It’s a wonderful site with a lot of songs and their political backgrounds. This one has one, too. It’s about how strange war is, which can be explained by the Vietnam War. And of course, there are a lot of soldiers who want to be normal persons, almost none want to be real heroes. Listen to:

Rod McKuen- Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes

Song of the day: Kim Wilde- Cambodia

Cambodia Kim Wilde

Sometimes you know an artist for a few songs, but you later discover the rest of their good songs. One of my examples is Kim Wilde: I knew her song together with Nena (Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime), I also knew Never Trust A Stranger, but I think it was only last year that I really found this song. However, it has become one of my favourite Kim Wilde songs, since it’s so “strange”. At the one hand you have the eighties synth-pop, with the voice of Kim Wilde, and the story about a man who has to go to Cambodia but never returns… An excellent song, listen to:

Kim Wilde- Cambodia