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Song of the day: Trijntje Oosterhuis- Knocked Out

Hello everyone,

It’s friday! Which means, it’s superfriday!

Two new songs, made by Dutch artists.

The first song is made by Trijntje Oosterhuis. She was the singer of Total Touch, which was song of the day a few weeks ago.
Trijntje is for a time making music alone. First mostly jazz, but now Anouk wrote some songs for her. And that gives a completely different view on things!
The song is called Knocked Out.

The second song is a remix. Normally I’m not a fan of remixes, but this one sounds good!
It’s the remix of Bad, made by Afrojack, Usher and of course Michael Jackson.

The song of the week is…. tatatata….. Trijntje Oosterhuis with Knocked out!


Song of the day: Sharon Doorson- Fail In Love

Hello everyone,

Today it’s friday! End of the week for most, and it also means that there are two songs of the day!
It’s still November, so still Dutch artists. And I have found some!

The first song is made by an artist who is new in the music world.
Her name is Sharon Doorson, and in september her first single was released.
This song is called Fail in Love. I think she can make it abroad as well, and I actually hope so!

And then the song of the week. Who will be that after the Handsome Poets?
It is….. Sharon Doorson with Fail in Love!

Tomorrow a new song!