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FlinterFile: Alides Hidding- Hollywood Seven


In 1980, Alides Hidding had his first hit. The song was written by Harry Lloyd and Gloria Sklerov in 1976 for Terry Jacks, who just had the hit Seasons In The Sun. On the way home, Gloria Sklerov saw a motel called Hollywood Eight. With Harry Lloyd, they changed their title to sing it better. However, it never was recorded by Terry Jacks, but it ended by Jon English. Alides Hidding’s version was especially a Dutch hit, reaching number 25 in the charts. After this success, Hidding carried on with his band the Time Bandits, with which he had several hits. After that, he started writing hits for artists such as Dan Hartman and Jennifer Rush. Enjoy

Alides Hidding- Hollywood Seven

FlinterFile: Time Bandits- I’m Specialized In You

time bandits i'm specialized in you

In 1982, the Time Bandits, a Dutch electro-funk discogroup had their biggest hit. The group, with frontman Alides Hidding (later more on him), started with the song Live It Up. This was a minor success. When Hidding had a solo hit, there was interest in his group, with whom he released I’m Specialized In You. It made a number 2 hit in the Dutch charts. The single did not reach as far as other singles did, such as Endless Road, which also was a hit in Australia! Enjoy

Time Bandits- I’m Specialized In You