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Song of the day: The Small Faces- Itchycoo Park


In 1967, the Small Faces had a hit with their song about skipping school to go to a park. The park really exists, and the story was real: Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane, the writers of the song, skipped school and got a good feeling of going to Little Ilford Park (which was full of nettles, and in slang, that’s Itchycoo). The good feeling (getting high) was misinterpreted in the sixties, when drugs were quite popular, and therefore, the BBC posed a boycot on the song. However, it was a number 3 hit in the UK, and in the US number 16, which would be the highest position for the Small Faces there. Enjoy

The Small Faces- Itchycoo Park

Song of the day: The Small Faces- Lazy Sunday

Small Faces Lazy Sunday

Some singles become hits while the band doesn’t want the song to be released. This single is part of a concept album, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, and was released in 1968, preceding the album. The Small Faces didn’t want this, but the song became a number 2 hit in the UK. The backing melody has parts of Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, played on kazoo. The largest part is sung in a cockney accent, due to an argument with the Hollies, who said Marriott (the singer) had never sung in his own accent. Enjoy

The Small Faces- Lazy Sunday