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Song of the day: The Script- Superheroes


Pop rock from Ireland! They have already had several hits, and their new album brought some more songs which are very good to us. Oneof them ended on number 3 in the UK and number 73 in the general US chart. Tastes differ… The song was written for all those heroes which don’t have a song (we can’t all be Superman, can we?). Enjoy

The Script- Superheroes


Song of the day: Bruce Hornsby & the Range- The Way It Is


Lately, I was listening to the radio. That is not strange for me, since it would be a disaster if my radio would break down.
It plays songs when I’m in my room. If I’m not there, you can notice it because my radio is not playing. Or I’m learning for a test. That’s a possibility, too.

But okay, I was listening to the radio lately, and I heard a song by the Script. And the intro made me think.
I have not heard the rest of the song, it was called If You Could See Me Now, I believe, but the intro made me think of a song from Bruce Hornsby and the Range.
It’s the title track of the album The Way It Is, and the intro is a lot like that intro of the Script. You may think about it your way, of course, but to me it seemed like it was the same.
However, the song by Bruce Hornsby and the Range is a good song, and the intro is, again, a very good intro.

Therefore, The Way It Is is the song of today.

(And if you want to know what my radio is playing right now, when I’m writing this, it’s Robert Miles with Children. It will be song of the day someday, I think, but that’s for another time.)