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Song of the day: The Police- Walking On The Moon


A hit from the seventies! It was a single from the second album by the Police. A nice detail is that the song was written by Sting, when he was drunk… he just had a certain riff in his head, and went walking around his hotel room, singing “Walking round the room ya ya walking round the room”. At least it was good for number 1 in the UK! Enjoy

The Police- Walking On The Moon

Song of the day: The Police- Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Hello there,

Today a song from a good band, with a song which keeps playing in your head.
Just to warn you. And you don’t want to have to contact the bandname, or even worse: that they contact you…

It’s The Police with Don’t Stand So Close To Me!

Tomorrow another song, which is made out of all small things without any clear connection…