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Song of the day: Charlie Daniels Band- The Devil Went Down To Georgia


This song was first included on an album in 1979, though the melody was stolen from an older song. The only thing the Charlie Daniels Band did, was take the tune, make it a little higher and write a text to it. The song is quite genius, since the story is very good: first, the devil wants the soul of someone called Johnny, and so they end up in a contest of fiddle playing. The devil does some rock songs, backed up by demons, but Johnny takes the best of country history, including the well known song The House Of The Rising Sun, and knows to keep his soul from the devil. It would make it to number 14 in the UK and even to number 3 in the US! Enjoy

The Charlie Daniels Band- The Devil Went Down To Georgia


Song of the day: The Animals- The House Of The Rising Sun

house_of_the_rising_sun the animals

Possibly this is a song which makes you have more questions than answers. Where is the House of the Rising Sun? That’s one of the questions that no-one is really sure of. The origin of the song is better known: it started as a traditional folk song. The first and oldest recorded version was recorded in 1934 by Clarence “Tom” Ashley and Gwen Foster. They could sing it since the song was passed on by the grandfather of Clarence Ashley. Through several artists, this song came to Lead Belly in 1944, was it recorded in 1958 by Pete Seeger, and the version of Bob Dylan followed in 1961. Via several other ways, the song was sung in a pub, where Eric Burdon heard it. He was a member of the Animals and wanted to sing it to have something else for the tour, which they did with Chuck Berry. Bob Dylan was accused of plagiarism, because the cover became such a hit. He stopped singing it, but liked the version a lot. And most people did: it became a number one hit in the UK, the US, Canada, Sweden and Finland. Later it was recorded by many other artists, though this version stayed the most popular. Enjoy

The Animals- The House Of The Rising Sun