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Song of the day: John Parr- St. Elmo’s Fire

john parr st elmo's fire

To be fair with you: I had to look the song up, because I had some idea I knew the song, but I really couldn’t think of any melody or text which belonged to this hit from 1985. I heard the first tones, and I thought: wait, that song! And I absolutely am fan of the chorus (shouting out the words, feels great). So enjoy

John Parr- St. Elmo’s Fire


Song of the day: Living In A Box- Living In A Box

living in a box 1987 1

Eighties and a brilliant text. In a small sentence where this song is all about: Living In A Box. With the best lines being “Am I living in a box, am I living in a plastic cargobox?” Can you wish for anything better? Enjoy:

Living In A Box- Living In A Box

Song of the day: Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street


Mmm… I love this song! If there’s one song which is good, it’s this one. One of the best songs, instrumentally Brilliant and the text is good, too. Especially the saxophone is lovely, but that’s a strange thing which I have: I love saxophones in songs. And this song has it in the music all the time. If he sings, it is not there, but then it reappears, and again I’m happy! Yeah, this is a favourite song which I can hear a lot! Enjoy:

Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street

Song of the day: America- A Horse With No Name


Some songs are just absolutely brilliant! If there is one song with a brilliant songtext, this song makes a big chance. It’s a splendid example of a journey, made by someone with a horse in the desert. Not that there are many of them, but this one would be the best. The text is simply the best example of irony. Why would you need a horse WITH a name in the desert? Does it make more sense that he has a name?


America- A Horse With No Name

Song of the day: Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

yes owner of a lonely heart

This song is just in one word perfect. A good text, catching melody, good intro, excellent guitars and music, and it is eighties. And it was not only a hit in the eighties, because in 2005 Max Graham remixed the song and released it. It was a big hit, but the original song is a little bit better. So for today, enjoy:

Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Song of the day: The Cars- Drive


Another biggest hit by a band which I don’t know for more songs than just this one. It was a big hit just after the release, but it was used by Live Aid, too, as song under some videos. And guess what? Again a big hit. No surprise, because the song is very good. The music matches the text, and the total picture is just right! So for today, enjoy

The Cars- Drive

Song of the day: Robert Palmer- Addicted To Love

robert palmer addicted to love

Yes, this is the original! I heard Tina Turner’s version lately, and thought: it sounds nice, but that’s about it. The original is better. Which ment to find Robert Palmer and feature him as song of the day. Why? Because it’s a very good song! The music, the text and of course Robert Palmer: that’s what makes a good song! And okay, in the clip the girls are nice to see, but if I’m right (don’t blame me if I’m wrong) they don’t play for real, but are only there to make it look nice. So enjoy today:

Robert Palmer- Addicted To Love

Song of the day: Mike Oldfield- Shadow On The Wall


Yeah! A big man back in the eighties, and I can’t think of any reason why he should not have been a hit machine… of course there are other songs I could have featured, like Moonlight Shadow or Tubular Bells, but it’s this song which is my favourite. It has his voice, which has that special sound, the synthesizer sounds in the background, and then that characteristic “Shadow on the wall!” Do you have the picture? And then I’ve not talked about the text yet… No wonder of course, because I can’t make anything out of that. If I had to analyze this text, I would probably get stuck. It’s mostly Shadow On The Wall, but what the rest has to do with it? No idea.

Doesn’t matter, just enjoy:

Mike Oldfield- Shadow On The Wall

Song of the day: Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights

kate bush wuthering heights

I read the book Wuthering Heights in the last period of the past schoolyear (assignments are on the blog, too), and after I had my oral, I thought: well, let’s listen to the song by Kate Bush. And hearing the text, together with the music, send shivers down my spine. Why? I don’t know. It probably had to do with the understanding of the text (if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand what I mean) and the singing of Kate Bush. So for today, listen to:

Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights (Shortened movie with the white dress)

Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights (Full movie with the red dress)

Song of the day: Pearl Jam- Just Breathe


Pearl Jam… rock/grunge music from the nineties, but I don’t know a lot of songs by Pearl Jam… This is actually one of these songs, but I don’t know more by Pearl Jam. Well, they made the album Ten, which is quite famous, but their music is a mystery to me. Anyone got any ideas which songs to listen to explore the world of Pearl Jam?

Okay, what do I know by Pearl Jam? This relaxed song with a very good text. Listen carefully, because it is really about something serious: death… (that’s my interpretation)

Pearl Jam- Just Breathe

Song of the day: Aqua- Barbie Girl

aqua greatest hits

This is such a group which had one hit, which stayed in our minds, and the rest of the songs went past us…
And that is actually sad, because a lot of hits by Aqua are nice songs to listen to, the texts are quite good (I especially like the text of the song Back To The Eighties), so why do we only know this one song?

Because it was a mega hit, and it was happy, and it caused commotion. Mattel didn’t like the fact that they used their brand, Barbie, for the song. They went to court with it, lost, and later they used it themselves in their commercials! With another text, okay, but the melody was the same.

So, the “summer” happy song of the day is the song Barbie Girl by Aqua!

And vote for the Summer Song of the day Top 20!

Song of the day: Alanis Morissette- Ironic

Hi there,

Here’s a song from the nineties! It’s made by one of my favourite singers!
I absolutely love it! And if you listen closely to the text, that’s very strange and ironic!

And that’s the title of the song as well: Alanis Morissette with Ironic!

Strange and ironic song, isn’t it?

Song of the day: Scatman John- Scatman

Hi there,

Today a song which has very little text, but you can sing along easily. Or can’t you?…

It’s Scatman John with Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)

Sing along and have fun!