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FlinterFile: Tears For Fears- Woman In Chains

After the hit Sowing The Seeds Of Love, this song was released. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Tears For Fears- Sowing The Seeds Of Love


A worldwide hit in 1989, with a number 1 position in Canada, a number 2 position in the US and a top 5 position in the UK. According to Roland Orzabal, one of the people in the duo Tears For Fears, this was the most political song they ever recorded. It refers to Margaret Thatcher, who then just had another re-election. Orzabal was not very happy about this, he was working-class. He also refers to Paul Weller, who made political songs with the Jam, but with the Style Council these had faded. A great song, enjoy

Tears For Fears- Sowing The Seeds Of Love

Song of the day: Tears For Fears- Shout

tears for fears shout

Some eighties today, with a song which was inspired on a theraphy of psychiatrists. They believed, that if you shouted long enough, all your problems were less. No idea if it worked, but it sounds logical. A good shout sometimes really works. However, Tears for Fears made a song out of it, and it became a hit. Enjoy

Tears For Fears- Shout