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FlinterFile: Supertramp- School

Supertramp released their album Crime of the Century in 1974. Read the rest of this entry




The band Supertramp was formed when Rick Davies broke with his band The Joint and wanted to start a new band. He placed an ad in the newspapers and formed a band. After two albums, the new band changed all the people, except for Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies. The third album, Crime of the Century, made them reach the charts. They made classics like School and Give A Little Bit and especially their album Breakfast In America became a big hit album.

In a nutshell:

Must have album: Crime Of The Century or Breakfast In America
Live: Paris
Number one hits: The Logical Song, Dreamer (live) (both in Canada)
Other great songs: Breakfast In America, It’s Raining Again

Song of the day: Supertramp- Breakfast In America

supertramp breakfast in america

In 1979, Supertramp released the album Breakfast in America, with the title song as a single. Roger Hodgson wrote it already before he joined Supertramp, but never recorded it. When it was about a decade old, Rick Davies told him to take the song and change it. Hodgson refused to do that, which meant the text was ready. The song was not a big hit in America, charting at 62, but in the UK it reached number 9. Enjoy

Supertramp- Breakfast In America

Song of the day: Supertramp- It’s Raining Again


Yes! A saxophone song by Supertramp! It’s one of the reasons why I’m a fan of Supertramp. Because almost all their songs feature a saxophone! The text is applicable for the autumn, and especially for these days: rain, rain, nothing like the rain. But that’s another story, probably for some other time. Supertramp had their hits in the eighties, and they made quite a lot. If it would be possible, I would love to see them sometime live! Probably wishful thinking… The nice thing about this song is that it has some sort of lullaby in it, the childrens rhyme: “it’s raining, it’s raining”. I like that twist in the song! So for today, enjoy this rainy song:

Supertramp- It’s Raining Again