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Song of the day: David Bowie- Where Are We Now / Pink- Just Give Me A Reason

Hello everyone,

Today it’s friday: superfriday! Two new songs, and both of the artists are quite famous.

The first one is back from being away: David Bowie! From the famous song Space Oddity (Ground control to Major Tom…) and Ziggy Stardust.
The single was released on 8 January, his birthday. He became 66, and a new CD is coming up!
Until then, we have to be happy with his new song: Where Are We Now?

And the second song of the day is made by a woman who became famous in the last years.
She has the name of a colour… it’s Pink!
Together with the singer of Fun (We are young), Nate Ruess she recorded the song Just Give Me A Reason.

Next week two other new songs, and tomorrow a new an old song…


Song of the day: Handsome Poets- Sky On Fire / Don Diablo- The Artist Inside

Hello everyone,

The last song of November, before we go into December. Today it’s superfriday, so 2 new songs!

The first song is made for a special action on the Dutch TV this week. The action was for the KWF, an organization against cancer.
The action was very successful, and the themesong is also very good. It’s made by Don Diablo and JP Cooper. The song is called The Artist Inside.
I hope cancer is not there anymore within a few years, but the song is very emotional…

The second song has been song of the day before, as well as song of the week.
But because I got so much likes, it has to be the song of the day once more. It are the Handsome Poets with Sky On Fire!
New songs which sound good are of course coming on the site as well!

And the song of the week is of course The Artist Inside!

In December the theme is… still a secret. Tomorrow more…

Song of the day: Will.I.Am & Eva Simons- This Is Love / Lisa Lois- Euphoria

Hello everyone,

Today it’s friday. And as every friday, it’s superfriday with two songs!

The first song is a cover, which is made by a winner of the X-factor, and she made a few hits.
The song of the day is made by Lisa Lois, and it’s a cover of Euphoria.
Mattie & Wietze, where this song was recorded, is the morningshow of Q-Music.

The second song of the day is a song which is very popular in all hit charts.
It are Will.I.Am and Eva Simons with This Is Love.
And I know what you think right now: What does Will.I.Am do in the Song Of The Day? It were all Dutch songs, right?
Well, yes, but Eva Simons is very Dutch!

And that was all for now, tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: Kane- Come Together / Caro Emerald- A Night Like This

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day, or better: the two songs of the day, because it’s superfriday!
The two new songs of the day are made by Dutch persons, and I like them!

Well, the first one is made by Kane, a group from The Hague. It’s their new song, which is quite popular in the Netherlands at the moment.
I hope you enjoy it!
Kane with Come Together.

The song of the day, and from now on the new song of the week is a song which is already old in the Netherlands…
The song is in the Netherlands already known from 2009 on! But, since she’s going abroad, in a successful way, I thought: Let’s make it the song of the week.
I’m talking about Caro Emerald with A Night Like This.
I think that Caro Emerald is really good, and I would say: Buy her CD, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor, listen to it, and I know that you like the complete CD!
I do, in each case.

Tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: Adele- Skyfall / Robbie Williams- Candy

Hello everyone!

Today it’s Superfriday, with two songs!
Both are kind of new, and are already my favourites.

The first song is Candy from Robbie Williams.
This is a song which is rising very fast in the hitcharts, and now it’s the song of the week!

“Hey ho here she goes
Either a little too high or a little too low
Got no self-esteem and vertigo
Cause she thinks she’s made of candy”

The second song is Skyfall from Adele.
This song is also rising in the hitcharts, and it’s just a classic Bond-song. It gives some people even the feeling of Shirley Bassey!

“We will stand tall or face it all together
At skyfall”

Well, that were they for today.