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Song of the day: Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood

tomtomclub wordy rappinghood

Last week I heard this song for the very first time, and immediately I thought: this has a song of the day potential. It completely explains what my view on rap is. Not that all the modern rap is bad, but I like the old rap from the eighties more. It has those synthesizer sounds in it, together with some sort of typing machine sounds, good music and of course the rap! I like it very much! A very strange song, but therefore very nice:

Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood


Song of the day: Daft Punk- One More Time


Yesterday I was talking to a friend, who had some ideas for the Song of the day. Some of them were good, but will be put on in September, because now it’s time for the summer!
When we were talking we came to one of the strangest electronic music duo’s of now. There are a lot of DJ’s active who make hits, but those two are a little bit more weird than the rest.
I mean: normal DJ’s don’t wear helmets while performing… we actually didn’t see them without, until earlier this month… just Google!
Their music reminds me mostly of Kraftwerk, the finders of this genre, as I believe… they started in the 1970s, so that is very early!
Later, I will make an article dedicated to Kraftwerk, but firstly, let’s enjoy the sound of Daft Punk’s One More Time!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 >>>>

Song of the day: What Fun!- The Right Side Won

Hi there,

One hour earlier than normal! Due to summertime, that is.
However, if I watch outside, I see… snow! And I don’t like that!

The song is strange, and nice. No big introduction for…

What Fun! with The Right Side Won!

And please vote for the Song Of The Day Top 50!

Song of the day: Klangkarussell- Sonnentanz / Major Lazer- Watch Out For This

Hi there,

Today two new songs between all the rock ‘n roll.

I heard the first song last week on the radio, and had two different opinions: Firstly, I thought this was a very strange song. Secondly, I thought it sounded quite nice.
Since I remembered Scream and Shout, which was very strange too, I put it in as song of the day.
It’s Klangkarussell with Sonnentanz.

The second song is also new for me. I think that you have to make your own mind up about this song yourself.
It’s Major Lazer with Watch Out For This.

Tomorrow more rock ‘n roll!

Song of the day: Alanis Morissette- Ironic

Hi there,

Here’s a song from the nineties! It’s made by one of my favourite singers!
I absolutely love it! And if you listen closely to the text, that’s very strange and ironic!

And that’s the title of the song as well: Alanis Morissette with Ironic!

Strange and ironic song, isn’t it?

Song of the day: Junior Jack- Stupidisco

Hello everyone,

Today the song is a great song to dance. It’s kind of strange, it’s a disco, it’s an extended version, it’s:
Junior Jack with Stupidisco!

Have fun with this great tune! They only occur some times in a period of several years!