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Song of the day: Boz Scaggs- What Can I Say


In 1977, Boz Scaggs brought some songs to the hit parades. One of them was What Can I Say, which hit number 10 in the UK and number 42 in the US. Before recording this song, Boz had played in bands like Mother Earth and the Steve Miller Band (he knew Steve Miller from college). Because he was so good in the Steve Miller Band, he got a contract on Atlantic Records, and later Columbia Records, recorded several albums without success. When meeting the basis for what later would be Toto, he knew to score some hits, like the song of the day. Enjoy

Boz Scaggs- What Can I Say

Song of the day: Steve Miller Band- The Joker

Steve Miller Band-The Joker

It’s a bit of a strange song, this one. In the seventies, it was a small hit, reaching number 18 as highest position in the Dutch charts. Then, later, in 1990, it was used in a commercial. And then it reached number one!!! However, it’s a very good song, so enjoy

The Steve Miller Band- The Joker