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Song of the day: Matt Bianco- Whose Side Are You On?


In 1984, Matt Bianco started their career with the album Whose Side Are You On?. The title track of that album only was a small hit in the Netherlands, as it reached number 23. The text is about a spy, and this is a reference to the name of the band (as that was a spy). Enjoy

Matt Bianco- Whose Side Are You On?

Song of the day: Foreigner- That Was Yesterday

Foreigner - Agent Provocateur - Front

Above you see the picture of the album Agent Provocateur from Foreigner.
It’s an album with a story. All the songs are about a spy, who takes a look at life.
If you listen to the album, there are different emotions in the album. The album also contains the biggest hit for Foreigner, I Want To Know What Love Is.
However, that is not the song of the day. The song of the day is the follow up of I Want To Know What Love Is, namely That Was Yesterday.

(You might think what happened to the new songs of the day. Unfortunately, I’m not doing that anymore, since it was a lot of work.)