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FlinterFile: Zeon Jones- Spin Me Around


In 1989, Adam Sieff wrote a song for Zeon Jones, as a song which would be happy and carefree, fitting the voice and personality of Zeon Jones. The song was recorded at the PRT studios, where Adam Sieff played the guitar, and Tim Goldsmith drummed. The horns were played by Guy Barker, Pete Beachill and Phil Todd. It all provided the right atmosphere that was intended. Zeon Jones recorded the vocals, Dolette McDonald and Tessa Niles sang the backup vocals, and the track was ready for release… Polydor loved it, but there was one thing they wanted to have changed: the bass line. Del Taylor took the song to the Netherlands, recording a different bass line with a Dutch session musician, and it would be a big hit, reaching number 13 in the Netherlands. Enjoy

Zeon Jones- Spin Me Around

(Many thanks to Adam Sieff for providing the information for this post)