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Song of the day: Cher- Believe

cher greatest hits

Yes, the song of the day is one of the hits of Cher. And she had quite a few, I dare to say.
What do you think about It’s In His Kiss, maybe better known as The Shoop Shoop Song. Or Walking In Memphis?
And not to forget: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

But there is one song which you all know, and it is really good. Enjoy Believe!


Song of the day: Faithless- We Come 1


Yes, I’m fan of this group. They had some incredible big hits in the nineties, like God is a DJ and Insomnia.
I love those songs, but they made more! There are so many songs by them which I enjoy listening to!
The song of the day is a hit which they had in the zeroes! Many people don’t know this song until they hear it, or even then they don’t recognize it…
Do you know the song We Come 1?

Song of the day: Billy Joel- We Didn’t Start The Fire

Hi there,

Today a song which is made out of all small scraps without a connection.
However, it’s a good song, made by a singer who has made a lot of good songs.
He sang Uptown Girl, but also New York State Of Mind and many other songs…

It’s Billy Joel with We Didn’t Start The Fire!

Tommorow another song!

Song(s) of the day: Miss Montreal- Giving Up On You / M.K.T.O.- Thank You

Hello there,

I have some new songs for you!

The first song I know already for some weeks, but I was still waiting for it to be a hit.
And that lasts and lasts, and still I couldn’t find it in the hit charts.
So here is it on my blog, hoping to become a hit: M.K.T.O. with Thank You!

The second song is made by a Dutch artist. She is really good, and even better if you keep in mind that she stummers when she speaks!
Luckily, she doesn’t stummer when she sings, so she makes really good music. It’s Miss Montreal with Giving Up On You.
And do I like these songs! Wow!

Song of the day: Van Velzen- Sing Sing Sing / Tom Odell- Another Love

Hello everyone,

It’s friday, which means two new songs! I will start immediately, since there’s so much to say about those songs!

The first song is sung by a Dutch singer. We came across him earlier, but now his song is a new single.
In this single, he sings with his father, and in the song there are some songtitles of the Beatles.I’m talking about Roel VanVelzen, shortly VanVelzen, with Sing Sing Sing.
In this song you can hear the following titles of Beatlessongs:

Strawberry fields forever

The long and winding road

Got to get you into my life

That was the first song, which I find absolutely a hit!
The second song is made by a singer which I heard only a few minutes ago. Immediately, I thought: this is the song of today!
I can’t say much about him, it’s just a good song!
It’s Tom Odell with Another Love.

And then… the song of the week!!! It’s Another Love from Tom Odell!