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Song of the Day Top 50 – 2014

Yes, here it is. The official hitlist, containing the fifty most liked posts until 10 April 2014! And I must say: it’s a list with a lot of variation and with a surprising number one.

Song of the Day Top 50 edition 2014

Song of the day: John Miles- Music / Mark & Clark Band- Worn Down Piano

Hi there,

Today no new songs of the day, but two songs which have already been song of the day.

In my opinion, they should be the numbers one and two of the Song Of The Day Top 50, but you decided, so unfortunately it doesn’t apply…

My number one would be the song where music is all about (and where the song of the day started with): John Miles with Music!

The second song is a really good story, an amazing piece of piano work, and all in all a very good song! It’s the Mark & Clark Band with the Worn Down Piano!

You can check the list already!

The Song Of The Day Top 50: The List

Hello there,

It’s my birthday today! And not only that, the Song Of The Day Top 50 will be published today!
It has become a nice list, and all made by you! The only thing I did was putting them in the right order!

It has become a big mix of new and old records, one Christmas record, feel-good records, two James Bond theme songs, seventies music, eighties music, nineties music, zeroes music, and I believe no sixties?
The moment you’ve been waiting for:

The Song Of The Day Top 50 list 2013

Have fun with it!

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra- Strangers In The Night

Hi there,

Today the song of the day is made by a person which I admire really much, but unfortunately I was only one year old when he died…
He is known from the songs New York, New York and My Way, but the song of the day is the one which I like very much besides New York New York!

It’s Frank Sinatra with Strangers In The Night!

Really worth it to buy albums of Frank Sinatra, because he made a lot of good music!

Tomorrow: The Song of the day top 50 and my birthday, and TWO song of the day!

Song of the day: Patrick Hernandez- Born To Be Alive

Hi there,

Here’s the new song of the day!
I want to ask you a question: why were you born? Because your parents wanted a child? Or because you wanted to listen to music?

The song of the day gives the reason for being born, or at least: the reason for the singer!
It’s Patrick Hernandez with Born To Be Alive!

And… this is eighties music= good music!

You can’t vote for the Song of the day top 50 anymore, on the 16th of April the list will be published!

Song(s) of the day: Armin van Buuren- This Is What It Feels Like / Michael Bublé- It’s A Beautiful Day

Hi there,

Tomorrow TWO new songs!

The first song is sounding like summer, and you get happy immediately! Oh yes, it’s a beautiful day!
Michael Bublé with It’s A Beautiful Day!

And the second song is made by a Dutch DJ, who has released his new single! It’s a good song, too:
It’s Armin van Buuren with This Is What It Feels Like!

I hope you enjoy the songs, tomorrow an old song!

Last chance: Vote for the Song of the day Top 50!

Song of the day: Depeche Mode- Enjoy The Silence

Hi there,

The new song of the day is here! A very good song, made by a band which has released a new album lately!
That album was called Delta Machine, and it sounds marvelous! Their older hits are also very good, I really recommend their albums if you don’t have them yet!

The song of the day is one of the older songs, and if you didn’t know already, the band is called Depeche Mode.
The song of the day is called Enjoy The Silence.

Tomorrow TWO new songs!

And please vote for the Song of the day top 50!

Song of the day: Taylor Dayne- Tell It To My Heart

Hello there,

A new song of the day! Not a lot of introduction, I will give the word to:

Taylor Dayne with Tell It To My Heart!

Tomorrow another song!

Please vote for the Song of the day top 50!!!

Song of the day: Mando Diao- Dance With Somebody

Howdy everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day. It’s a very good song, and it will be stuck in your head, and for at least one day, you’ll hear:
I’m gonna dance with somebody, dance with somebody, dance, dance, dance etc.

Of course it’s Mando Diao with Dance With Somebody!

Tomorrow another song!

And vote for the Song Of The Week Top 50! It’s only one week to the release of the list, you can vote till Sunday!

Song of the day: Paul Simon- Graceland

Hi there,

I was listening to the album Graceland lately, and I thought:
Let’s put in one of those songs for the song of the day.

For his album Graceland, Paul Simon worked together with a lot of people from South-Africa.
When released, there was a lot of commotion around the album, because there was still Apartheid in South-Africa.
However, that has nothing to do with the quality of the album. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all, since it is such a good album.

I selected the title track Graceland for you as song of the day, but if you want to hear the whole album, you should really buy it!
That is a lot of good music for your money!

Please vote for the Song Of The Day Top 50 as well!