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Song of the day: Smokie- Living Next Door To Alice


Did I introduce you already to the sad story of Alice? No? I should have done that earlier, since it’s really too sad for words. However, Smokie tried and succeeded. They tell about Alice, who lived 23 years next door to the singer, and then she went away. No-one really knows where she went to, she just disappeared.

So maybe you ask yourself the question: how did I think of Smokie as song of the day? That was by simply hearing the parody on the song from the nineties. The Dutch singer Peter Koelewijn made a little twist in this song. The complete song is the same, he only added a little thing… listen to the original song firstly, and then to the parody, and laugh!

Smokie- Living Next Door To Alice
Gompie (Peter Koelewijn)- Living Next Door To Alice