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Song of the day: Genesis- Jesus He Knows Me

Hello everybody!!!

Here’s another song of the day, with a nice clip!
The song is made by Genesis, a music group which is active since the sixties, and it was active until 2010.
And… wait! In Genesis, there was an artist we already know! Peter Gabriel, from the stopmotion video of Sledgehammer!
That’s nice, isn’t it?

Well, tomorrow.. Oh wait! I forgot the song! The song of the day is Jesus He Knows Me.
It’s one of the later songs of Genesis, from 1992.

Tomorrow a new song, and since the weather is so bad, it’s going to rain!

“Huh?? What does he mean?”
“How am I supposed to know that? He’s so cryptic, I mostly don’t know what song is the song of the day!”


Song of the day: Peter Gabriel- Steam

Hello everyone,

I’ve got another stunning video and song for you…

The new song of the day is made by Peter Gabriel. In one of my first songs of the day, Peter Gabriel was song of the day with Sledgehammer.Sledgehammer is an amazing clip, but Steam, another song, has that as well.

Listen, watch, and have fun!!!