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Song of the day: The Trammps- Shout


In 1959, the Isley Brothers recorded a song called Shout. They wrote it as a response to a song by Jackie Wilson, namely Lonely Teardrops. It reached 47 in the US, but was already covered a lot. Johnny O’Keefe took a chance in Australia, Joey Dee & the Starlighters went to number 6 with it, Lulu took it to number 7 in the UK, the Shangri-Las made a cover, as well as the Kingsman and many others. Even the Beatles, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen did a version of it! And the Trammps used it in 1975 as one of their first disco hits! Enjoy

The Trammps- Shout

Song of the day: Tears For Fears- Shout

tears for fears shout

Some eighties today, with a song which was inspired on a theraphy of psychiatrists. They believed, that if you shouted long enough, all your problems were less. No idea if it worked, but it sounds logical. A good shout sometimes really works. However, Tears for Fears made a song out of it, and it became a hit. Enjoy

Tears For Fears- Shout