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Song of the day: Aswad- Shine


How I love reggae music! Bob Marley is one of my favourites, but Aswad is good too. As what? Well, a singer. (Must be a funny joke)
Never mind my jokes, but let’s be serious. If there is one thing associated with the summer, it’s reggae. And Aswad sounds a bit like Bob Marley… but don’t get fooled! They are British!

The song of the day is a hit from the nineties, 1994. Enough talking, get dancing on:

Aswad- Shine


Song of the day: Righeira- Vamos A La Playa

sunshine rhythm cd

Wow! Sunshine! Warmth! Temperatures around the 25 degrees! Yeah!
And then it is time for the song which I saved for the first sunny, summer day, today.

The ultimate summer classic: Righeira with Vamos A La Playa!