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Song of the day: Labelle- Lady Marmalade

labelle lady marmalade

In 1974, Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan wrote a song for the band of Kenny Nolan. He recorded it with Eleventh Hour, but this was not a big success. However, LaBelle recorded it in the same year for their album Nightbirds. They released it as a single and it became a number 1 hit in the US! It would be covered many times after this, including versions by Sheila E. and Pink. At the time, Patti LaBelle, who sung the lead vocals, had no clue where the song was about. I will help you out: it’s about a prostitute. Enjoy this big disco hit:

LaBelle- Lady Marmalade

Song of the day: Sheila E.- Glamorous Life


We’re in 1984! And I really love this song. It’s disco and everything a record needs! A good singer, nice music, maybe this is such a record that is quite perfect! But okay, you know I’m a big discofan, so that’s maybe a bit biased… Throw the furniture to the side of the room, and dance to

Sheila E.- The Glamorous Life