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FlinterFile: Traveling Wilburys- End Of The Line

end of the line traveling wilburys

In 1988, the Traveling Wilburys released their second single, after Handle With Care. The song features Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Tom Petty on vocals, Bob Dylan doesn’t sing in this song. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Traveling Wilburys- Handle With Care

traveling wilburys handle with care

In 1988, George Harrison was recording some songs. One of these songs would be This Is Love, which needed a b-side. When Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne joined him for some jamming, the song was written quickly. The inspiration came from a box with the text handle with care on it. They went into the studio of Bob Dylan to record a basic song. The record compagny of George Harrison thought it to be too good as a b-side, and encouraged the group to record an album. Of that album, Handle With Care was the main single. The song became a number 45 hit in the US and a number 21 in the UK. Roy Orbison died shortly after the recording. Enjoy

Traveling Wilburys- Handle With Care

Song of the day: The Everly Brothers- All I Have To Do Is Dream


In 1958, the songwriter team Felice & Boudleaux Bryant wrote All I Have To Do Is Dream. The song was recorded by the Everly Brothers in the same year, and hit number 1 in all US Billboard charts at the same time. It would also be a number 1 hit in the UK. The b-side of the single, Claudette, was the first success in songwriting for Roy Orbison. Therefore, Roy quit Sun Records and went to Acuff-Rose Music, the label of the Everly Brothers. Enjoy

The Everly Brothers- All I Have To Do Is Dream

Song of the day: Roy Orbison- Ooby Dooby

roy orbison ooby dooby

It wasn’t the first, but the second single Roy Orbison ever released. He did so in 1956, and reached the US chart with it on number 59. In this time, Roy Orbison still was with a band, the Teen Kings. They got the advice of Johnny Cash to join Sun Records. They did so, recorded Ooby Dooby, and then the band left Orbison. He went on as a solo-artist, having hits with Pretty Woman and You Got It. Enjoy

Roy Orbison- Ooby Dooby

Song of the day: Nazareth- Love Hurts

nazareth love hurts

These guys know where they are talking about. Or at least, you think they do, since the tone they sing it in is really like a broken hearted person. The original, however, is not theirs. The song dates back to 1960, when the Everly Brothers recorded the song. Roy Orbison had the first hit version of the song, and via a person called Jim Capaldi, who added a sort of pain to it, it came to Nazareth in 1974. They made a rock ballad out of it and changed a line in their version. The song became a big hit, reaching number 15 in the UK and number 8 in the US. Enjoy

Nazareth- Love Hurts

Song of the day: Roy Orbison- Oh Pretty Woman


Roy Orbison is one of the artists I have learned to adore in the past year. My father has some CD’s by him, but until last year, I didn’t really like his music. However, I learned to appreciate it and now I can’t understand there was a time I disliked his music. He’s a genius, and this is one of the best songs he made! Of course, it was in the end of the year chart of 1964, so enjoy

Roy Orbison- Pretty Woman