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Song of the day: Bastille- Pompeii


Great dance music was made this year! And I made a great trip with school to Rome. And that’s why this song is featured. Since we didn’t only go to Rome, but we made a trip to Pompeii, too. And that’s why I want to feature this song by Bastille, which was a big hit this year. Enjoy:

Bastille- Pompeii


Song of the day: Crowded House- Weather With You

weather with you

When we returned from Rome to Holland, this song was stuck in my head. Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.
And I hoped for that, since it was very good weather in Rome! Well, we had some luck, since it was kind of the weather in Holland, too.
The song was a big hit in the nineties, and is really sunny!

So… it’s the song for today!

Crowded House- Weather With You

Summer Song of the Day #5: Ryan Paris- Dolce Vita


Simplicity makes things more beautiful. In most cases this is true, more is less…
And in this song it is used very well. No difficult texts, let the music do its part. The result is a very good song with an easy melody which sticks to mind, and brings up the summer!
I must say that the song sticked to mind when I was in Rome last week. I was sitting by the Trevi Fountain, an ice cream in my hand, and this song playing in my mind… lovely!

Number 5: Ryan Paris- Dolce Vita