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FlinterFile: Joan Baez- The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down


In 1971, Joan Baez covered a song which was originally recorded by the Band. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile- The Band- The Weight

the band the weight

In 1968, the Band (previously the backup band of Bob Dylan) released The Weight, a rock classic. It’s the story of a man who visits Nazareth (Pennsylvania), and has to visit some friends from his friend Annie. He feels this as a weight on his shoulders. Robbie Robertson got the credit for the song, and says that he was inspired by surrealistic movies in which the good people do bad things. However, the other members of the band also claim to have co-written. The people in the song are for instance all friends from the Band. They were not sure about the song, but other people liked it. And so the song became a number 63 hit in the US and number 21 in the UK. Aretha Franklin had the biggest success with the song: she charted at number 19. However, it inspired others: the band Nazareth got their name from the song. Enjoy

The Band- The Weight

Song of the day: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band- Davy’s On The Road Again


In 1978, the song Davy’s On The Road Again is written for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. John Simon and Robbie Robertson (both members of the Band) wrote the song. It was included on the album Watch as a live song, and it became a hit: number 6 in the UK. Enjoy

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band- Davy’s On The Road Again