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Song of the day: Laid Back- Sunshine Reggae


What shall I say? Just a good song, relaxed and sunny. And it was a big hit.
This is one of those songs which I can sing along every word, a thousand times, but I kept forgetting which band it was. A few weeks I mixed them up with Jimmy Cliff (Reggae Night)! Fortunately, after writing this post, I will know them! (I hope :))

Laid Back- Sunshine Reggae

Song of the day: Jimmy Cliff- Reggae Night


Let’s put in some sunny reggae to relax a bit! I love this song, since it really brings up the summer in me!
And guess what? Made in 1983, so… eighties music = good music!
I don’t know what I should say about this song, it’s self-explaining!

Listen and enjoy Reggae Night!

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