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FlinterFile: Beastie Boys- (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)


In 1986, the Beastie Boys became superstars. However, it never was their intention: this whole song was a joke… Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Warren G & Nate Dogg- Regulate

warren g nate dogg regulate

In 1994, Warren G. & Nate Dogg made their debut on the music scene. Warren G. made a song in his appartment, with his musical equipment stored in a bedroom. With no furniture in the appartment and his the poo of his dog all over the floor, he still asked Nate Dogg to record his part. Warren G. made a microphone in the closet, so Nate Dogg could record his part. In the song, there is also a sample from Michael McDonald (I Keep Forgettin’), a dialogue from the movie Young Guns and a quote from Bob James. All together, it made a number 2 hit in the US and a number 5 hit in the UK. Enjoy

Warren G. & Nate Dogg- Regulate

Song of the day: Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five- The Message

grandmaster flash the message

In 1982, Sugar Hill Records released a hip hop single with clear social criticism. Melle Mel actually did not want to record the song, since the group was used to making party rap songs, and not to critical songs. Luckily, they decided to record the song. It has been used in many songs as a sample, and even Genesis was influenced by it: the laugh in Mama was inspired by The Message. The song ended on number 8 in the UK chart and number 62 in the US (number 12 in the Hot Dance Club Play). Enjoy

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five- The Message

Song of the day: Al Jarreau- Roof Garden


Actually, there is a little argument going on between my father and me. He says that this probably was one of the first rap-records, which became a hit. I definitely disagree with him, because it’s not rapping, but singing in a special way. Of course it’s very difficult to do this, but to me, it’s not really rapping. I stay with the belief that there were other records which were hits, but were rap-records. I almost know for sure that Rapper’s Delight was the first record. It definitely was earlier, because that was 1979 and Roof Garden is 1982! Anyone knows a rap-record (and it has to be a hit!) before Rapper’s Delight??? Leave a comment! And for the moment, enjoy

Al Jarreau- Roof Garden

Song of the day: The Sugarhill Gang- Rapper’s Delight


I must admit: I’ve commited a serious crime. A very big one. I have not featured this song earlier, and that’s a shame for me, since I’m a huge fan of the song and especially the long version. In the last weeks, I’ve practised on this song, since I want to learn to rap the complete version. It’s difficult to do, but the first part is conquered! I can do the first lines, till “I am wonder Mike and I would like to say hello”. Enjoy

The Sugarhill Gang- Rapper’s Delight

Song of the day: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Can’t Hold Us

can't hold us

One of the new findings of 2013 is a new rapper. His first big hit was Thrift Shop, which was nice in the text, but not totally up my alley. Their second hit, however, was a good one! It stayed in my head for a couple of days, but the balance between singing and rapping was just right, and although I don’t quite like rapping, this was a very good song! Enjoy:

Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis- Can’t Hold Us

Song of the day: Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood

tomtomclub wordy rappinghood

Last week I heard this song for the very first time, and immediately I thought: this has a song of the day potential. It completely explains what my view on rap is. Not that all the modern rap is bad, but I like the old rap from the eighties more. It has those synthesizer sounds in it, together with some sort of typing machine sounds, good music and of course the rap! I like it very much! A very strange song, but therefore very nice:

Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood