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FlinterFile: Roger Whittaker- The Last Farewell


In 1971, Roger Whittaker released his only big US hit. The song was written by Ron Webster, who was an amateur folk singer. He wrote the lyrics when he was on a bus, driving through the pooring rain, and he wished he was somewhere warm. Roger Whittaker had a radio show in which he invited listeners to send lyrics, which he would sing to his own music. Ron Webster did so, and Roger Whittaker recorded the song. Four years later, the song was released in the US, when the wife of a radio programmer heard the song in Canada. In the US, it became a number 19 hit, in the UK it was number 2! Enjoy

Roger Whittaker- The Last Farewell


FlinterFile: Harry Chapin- W.O.L.D.

harry chapin wold

In 1974, Harry Chapin made a song about the radio. It was the time that DJ’s had a lot of influence on the music that was played in their show. Just like it is now, stations could change their format and therefore change DJ’s. Many DJ’s did want to be on air, so they looked for another station, and cared less about their private life. As Harry Chapin was promoting his music, he got to know quite some DJ’s as he played in their shows. The song was inspired by several of them, and he thought that it would be good to write a song about DJ’s if you wanted to get your music on air. The station WOLD exists, but it would rather be a play on the word WORLD. It hit the charts at number 36 in the US and 34 in the UK. Enjoy

Harry Chapin- W.O.L.D.

Song of the day: Stan Ridgway- Camouflage


I probably already told you that I’m busy investigating the link between music and the Vietnam War. Last week, I was just listening to the radio, as happens often when I’m working (or not working, but that doesn’t matter). This song came by and normally I don’t listen closely to the lyrics. This song came in like a rocket. I stopped working and just sat there, staring at my radio, listening to the lyrics. Clearly, it was about Vietnam, since he sang Jungle Wars of ’65. A great eighties song for the research! Enjoy

Stan Ridgway- Camouflage

Song of the day: Billy Paul- Thanks For Saving My Life


Just heard on the radio and now as a song of the day on my blog. It doesn’t happen often (mostly I’m hearing a song, writing it down and listening to it again later) but it may occur. Today Billy Paul is lucky that the song was nice enough and I’m in a mood for this type of music. It just makes me happy! Enjoy:

Billy Paul- Thanks For Saving My Life


Song of the day: Santana & Rob Thomas- Smooth


Whilst listening to the radio you hear a lot of songs, and suddenly this song came along. Directly in the first seconds the mood was set: it’s a hot day, you’re in some sort of bar, drinking something cool, and this song is played. Well, only the last thing was true, the rest came along with the song (Think-It-Yourself). Isn’t that nice?

Of course, Santana is some sort of the king of the latin rock with the guitars, but they made a lot of different music styles, mostly in the rock side.


Santana featuring Rob Thomas- Smooth

Song of the day: Barry Manilow- Copacabana


I remember the first time I heard this song. And no, it was not on the radio. It was whilst watching an episode of the Muppet Show that this song came by.
Of course it was very entertaining to see Liza Minnelli performing the song with the Muppets, but later I heard it back on the radio, and realised the song was good, too. So what do you do? You start searching which song it is. It turned out to be a song by Barry Manilow, from the late seventies.

For the ones who want to see the performance on the Muppet Show, you can find it here.

And this was the original music video:

Barry Manilow- Copacabana

Song of the day: Bakermat- Vandaag


Sometimes you hear a song which grabs you: you know that you find it very good, you want to know more! I had that one, two weeks ago when listening to the radio. I heard a (relatively) new song on the radio, it was the first time I heard it, and I thought: wow! This is it. This is going to be a hit, and I want his album. It stopped there, there was no album… not yet.
So you start googling around: more music by this artist, where does he get his inspiration from, etc, etc, etc.

I found his YouTube-channel, listened to the songs that were on there, and decided to buy his album as soon as it was there.

The strange thing about his music is that it is new, but it is familiar, too. It has to do with the influences. Jazz, blues, Nat King Cole, to mention a few.
Those are the things I know. Those are the things I like. And the saxophones in his songs, I like those, too.

To give him an extra impulse (which he maybe doesn’t need), I give the honour of the song of the day to his song Vandaag. Because it was the first thing I heard of him. And because I hope he will make a lot of good music in future. And that he will make a record on CD, since I don’t download…

Song of the day: Balearic Sound Collective- People From Ibiza

balearic sound collective

An (almost) forgotten record, which I did not know until one week ago, when I heard it on the radio. And it was such a nice song, I thought: let’s make it song of the day!
It’s a dance track from the late nineties. It sounds sunny, like the summer, and you certainly want the sun to shine!
Well, enjoy People From Ibiza!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 >>>>

Song of the day: The Mavericks- Dance The Night Away

mavericks dance the night away

Oh… a lot of clouds today. However, I don’t mind, because the temperature is still right. And hopefully the sun will creep out some later…
I have just heard this record on the radio, and I have not heard it in a long time! But now I’ve heard it, I remembered and immediately it’s song of the day!

Some sort of country, but I love the record Dance The Night Away by the Mavericks!

Voting for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 starts tomorrow!

Song of the day: Amy Winehouse- Valerie


Yes, I would like to post a picture of the album which features the song of the day. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet!

Do you remember my small problem? If not, read that post firstly…

In this post, I discussed a version of Valerie which I couldn’t find on the albums of Amy herself. Therefore, I asked you on which album the radioversion of this song was.
If you know, please leave a comment, that would be fantastic!

So, the song of the day is Valerie, the radioversion.

Song of the day: Donna Summer- Hot Stuff


It was a year ago when she died. On the 17th of May, 2012, Donna Summer died.
Unfortunately, I forgot when she died, otherwise this post would have been there on the 17th of May.
It is not too late!

The Queen of Disco still lives in her hits, and one of her biggest hits is the song of the day.
Actually, I’m doubting a bit. She made some great songs, like MacArthur Park and On the Radio, but these aren’t exactly disco…
Oh! I know the solution.

What do you think of Hot Stuff as song of the day???

Song of the day: Bruce Hornsby & the Range- The Way It Is


Lately, I was listening to the radio. That is not strange for me, since it would be a disaster if my radio would break down.
It plays songs when I’m in my room. If I’m not there, you can notice it because my radio is not playing. Or I’m learning for a test. That’s a possibility, too.

But okay, I was listening to the radio lately, and I heard a song by the Script. And the intro made me think.
I have not heard the rest of the song, it was called If You Could See Me Now, I believe, but the intro made me think of a song from Bruce Hornsby and the Range.
It’s the title track of the album The Way It Is, and the intro is a lot like that intro of the Script. You may think about it your way, of course, but to me it seemed like it was the same.
However, the song by Bruce Hornsby and the Range is a good song, and the intro is, again, a very good intro.

Therefore, The Way It Is is the song of today.

(And if you want to know what my radio is playing right now, when I’m writing this, it’s Robert Miles with Children. It will be song of the day someday, I think, but that’s for another time.)

Song of the day: Dolly Dots- Love Me Just A Little Bit More

Hello everyone,

Hereby the new song of the day.

The new song of the day is made by a former girl-group from the eighties. They made several big hits in the disco-period, and their music is in the big lines all disco.
Have fun with The Dolly Dots, the song is called Love Me Just A Little Bit More.

It was their one of their biggest hits.

Tomorrow a new song!

Want to hear more of the Dolly Dots?
Listen to: