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Song of the day: Tom Jones- Green Green Grass Of Home


Finally a song which hasn’t been Song of the day earlier! First I thought about Dancing In The Street, then about Tell It To My Heart, but both of them has been Song of the Day before. Therefore, I thought: what sixties is not yet featured? And I came up with Tom Jones, who made a beautiful version (and maybe the most popular) of Green Green Grass of Home. The first recording was done in 1965, a year later this version appeared. My first meeting with this song was in the version of Kenny Rodgers, who released it in 1977. Enjoy

Tom Jones- Green, Green Grass of Home


Song of the day: Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme


Oh, yes. This is really eighties. For the ones who’ve missed it, Crockett’s Theme is the themesong of Miami Vice. And for the ones who don’t know that one, it was a popular series in the eighties. I’ve never seen it, but I know this song. Instrumental and a very good song! I must say that they drove around in pretty cars, but that’s just some side note. Listen to the lovely music of the synthesizer eighties:

Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme

Song of the day: Barry McGuire- Eve Of Destruction


We’re on the half of 1965! And today, we’ve got a song with a nice story behind it. I’ve got to be a bit careful, since the story differs from time to time, but I will do my best. The song was recorded for a B-side, since the song was very critical towards the American government. It became popular when a radio station run out of singles to play, and chose a single to play the B-side. It was Eve of Destruction, and the telephone didn’t stop ringing. It were people who wanted to know which song it was. It became a hit, but there was no happy ending for Barry McGuire. Although the single was a success, his career had come to an end, since nobody wanted him anymore to make songs. The title became a line about his life. A hit and no success after that. Sad, but unfortunately true.

However, it’s a great song, especially about Vietnam:

Barry McGuire- Eve Of Destruction

(If the story is not completely accurate, I’m sorry. It was put together from various scraps of information, but I have no idea what’s true)

Song of the day: Jan & Dean- Little Old Lady From Pasadena

jan and dean surf city

Mmm… the sun! I love the sun and the summer, when I know it is coming!

Therefore some surf rock today, by Jan & Dean, a duo which was very popular in the last century.
Well, which one sounds like really good vibrations? Okay, I choose The Little Old Lady From Pasadena!

Let’s stay in the sunny mood: tomorrow more!

Song of the day: Wildstylez feat. Niels Geusebroek- Year Of Summer

Hello everybody,

I have an older new song for you. It is already some weeks popular, so you might know it.

The song is really cool. It has to do something with summer, and I think that it is absolutely good!
I’m talking about Year of Summer by the Wildstylez featuring Niels Geusebroek.

I hope you share my opinion and that you like it too!