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Song of the day: Jim Croce- Time In A Bottle


In 1972, Jim Croce released his album You Don’t Mess Around With Jim. One of the singles, Time In A Bottle, was written in 1970 after he heard his wife was pregnant. The song was not intended to be a single, but after he died in a plane crash, ABC decided to release the song. It was played many times and took the number 1 position for two weeks in the US. Since then, many artists covered it. Enjoy

Jim Croce- Time In A Bottle


Song of the day: Ritchie Valens- La Bamba


More summer, sunny rock ‘n roll on its way. What a record!
Later this record was covered by Los Lobos, but I prefer this record, since it’s the original.
Really rock ‘n roll, it sounds summer, it’s Ritchie Valens with La Bamba!
Later he died in the big plane crash, which was later known as “the day the music died”. This phrase of course comes from American Pie by Don McLean, who saw the people in the plane as the basement for the music.

Mmm… summer is coming now! And some inspiration for a new list, too…
Maybe tomorrow more about that.