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FlinterFile: Simon & Garfunkel- Bridge Over Troubled Water

This song could be seen as the masterpiece of Simon & Garfunkel, though Paul Simon didn’t sing on it. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFiles: Darlene Love- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)


Phil Spector is a legend and his album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector is probably one of the best known Christmas albums ever released. A lot of classics were given a remake, mostly with the famous Wall of Sound. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Love Affair- Everlasting Love


In 1968, the band The Love Affair recorded the song Everlasting Love. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Ike & Tina Turner- River Deep, Mountain High


In 1966, Phil Spector produced one of his best works (according to him). The song was successful in the UK with number 3 and in Australia with a number 16 position. However, it flopped in the US. Spector couldn’t cope with this and went away from the music industry for two years, and here his personal decline also started. The song was released again in 1969, after Eric Burdon and the Animals had covered it. Again, it was not a big hit. I think it’s one of their best songs! Enjoy

Ike & Tina Turner- River Deep – Mountain High

Song of the day: The Ronettes- Be My Baby


Again a song produced by Phil Spector, and it’s a good example of his Wall of Sound technique. The song would be the first one to have a complete orchestra play the music! The Ronettes would record it in 1963, and for some it is seen as the inspiration for both the Beatles and the Beach Boys! Actually, Brian Wilson did say his Don’t Worry Baby was a male answer to this song. Later he would play the song several times live. The original song would do a staggering number 2 in the US, with over two million singles sold. Enjoy

The Ronettes- Be My Baby

Song of the day: The Righteous Brothers- You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

righteous brothers you've lost that lovin feeling

A 1964 number one hit today, and a good one, too! The song is a typical example of the Wall Of Sound by Phil Spector, and it was the last big hit he produced. The lead vocals were done by Bill Medley, with Bobby Hatfield joining in the chorus. The last was a bit annoyed by this, and wanted to know what to do while Bill Medley was recording his vocals. Spector would have answered this with the words “You can go straight to the fucking bank.” Gene Page arranged the strings and one of the backgroundsingers was Cher. There was one problem, though. The song was too long, namely 3 minutes and 45 seconds! Spector had a solution for this: he printed on the single 3:05, added a false ending so DJ’s would think the song was shorter, and released the thing. It made it to number one and is still seen as one of the greatest songs ever. Enjoy

The Righteous Brothers- You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Song of the day: The Alan Parsons Project- Don’t Answer Me

alan parsons project don't answer me

The eighties are a fantastic era for music, though there is some suggestion otherwise. This song, which is great, comes from the year 1984 and would be the last big hit for the Alan Parsons Project. The group put aside the rock ideas and went back to the sixties, when a man called Phil Spector was one of the first producers. They took his Wall of Sound and created a song in this style. The song hit number 15 in the US and only number 58 in the UK. However, it’s remembered as one of their biggest hits. Enjoy

The Alan Parsons Project- Don’t Answer Me