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Song of the day: Paul Hardcastle- Don’t Waste My Time


In 1986, Paul Hardcastle brought a new dance hit to the charts. A year earlier, he had had his biggest success with the song 19, but now he asked Carol Kenyon (famous for the lead vocals in Temptation by Heaven 17) to sing the lyrics for his newest song. Together they scored a number 8 hit in the UK. Enjoy

Paul Hardcastle- Don’t Waste My Time

Song of the day: Paul Hardcastle- 19


I have decided to do my Profielwerkstuk, a big research to a particular subject. I will do my research to the relation between the Vietnam War and the music about this war. One of the songs which I already know about Vietnam, is 19 from Paul Hardcastle. Perhaps more songs will be posted, or I will make a special blog for this (I have to discuss that). Enjoy:

Paul Hardcastle- 19