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Song of the day: Paul Anka- Diana


In 1957, Paul Anka wrote a song about a girl he saw in church, although he hardly knew her. Others say the song was inspired by a classmate and friend of Paul Anka. However, he reached number 1 with the song in the UK and number 2 in the US, and he sold over nine million copies of the song. The song would be covered a lot of times, none reached the success Paul Anka had with it. Enjoy

Paul Anka- Diana

Song of the day: Michael Jackson- Love Never Felt So Good

Epic Records Michael Jackson

I think Michael Jackson could never have imagined that he would score a number 9 hit in the US after he had died… However, he did. This year, some demo’s were found, some remastering and reworking was done, and then the results were released on the album Xscape. Jackson wrote the song with Paul Anka in 1983. Johnny Matis recorded the song, but the demo with Michael Jackson was until this year not released. Together with Justin Timberlake, the song became a hit. Enjoy

Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake- Love Never Felt So Good