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Song of the day: Leo Sayer- Long Tall Glasses

Leo Sayer Long Tall-Glasses

It’s a crazy story about someone who goes to a party, he sees lots of food and long tall glasses, but before he can eat, he has to dance. I really don’t know any party like that, but it was good for a great song. I came to this song, because it popped up last night before I went to bed. I was putting on my pyjamas and then I thought: “You know I can dance, you know I can dance, I can dance!”. And now it is song of the day. Enjoy

Leo Sayer- Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)

Song of the day: Lou Bega- Mambo No. 5

Hi there,

After the party from yesterday, we have someone in who wants to dance!
And one particular dance: The mambo!

It’s Lou Bega with Mambo No. 5!

I think the spring is coming… with those sounds, it can’t be wrong, can it?

Song of the day: Vengaboys- We Like To Party

Hello there,

And here’s another song of the day. Today, we have some persons coming in a bus.
And they want to build a party in here…

It are the Vegaboys with We Like To Party!

Well… Let the party start!