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Song of the day: Arthur Conley- Sweet Soul Music


In 1967, Otis Redding and Arthur Conley wrote a song. They took the intro from the soundtrack of The Magnificent Seven. Furthermore, the song was based on Yeah Man from Sam Cooke. They did not get away with using the melody: the business partner of Sam Cooke got them to put the name of Sam Cooke in the credits and Otis Redding recorded several songs on his label. However, the melodies put together with some mentions of soul legends like Sam & Dave and Wilson Pickett made a song which hit the chart on number 2 in the US. Enjoy

Arthur Conley- Sweet Soul Music


Song of the day: Otis Redding- Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay


In 1968, Otis Redding wrote a song together with his guitarist, Steve Cropper. It was recorded in December 1967, in the days before Otis Redding sat in a plane that would crash. Everyone in the plane died, except the trumpetter of the band, Ben Cauley. Stax (the label) released the song posthumous, and it would be the first posthumous single that would reach number one in the US and number 3 in the UK. It features a lot of sea sounds, and there is also a whistle in the song. It would later be replaced by an instrument, but because of Redding’s death, it could never happen. Since the first recording, it has been covered numerous times, including versions of Bob Dylan, Percy Sledge, but also Pearl Jam and Michael Bolton. Enjoy the original

Otis Redding- The Dock Of The Bay