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Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper- True Colors


This is an eighties song from the album “True Colors”, and it’s the only original song on the album that Cyndi Lauper did not help writing. Writing was done by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. They were responsible for the last number one hit for Cyndi Lauper in the US. The song was about the mother of Billy Steinberg, but it also became a popular in the gay scene. Later it was covered by Phil Collins, though that is a bad cover. I just think the original is a beautiful song and therefore enjoy

Cyndi Lauper- True Colors


Song of the day: Energy 52- Café Del Mar

Cafe del Mar

Saturday night! Dance night! And today it’s a song from the nineties, 1993 to be precise. The name is derived from a bar on Ibiza, of course with the same name. The song has become a dance classic, instantly recognizable and remixed many, many, many times. None of them have been as good as the original song, that is, in my eyes. Dance to and enjoy

Energy 52- Café Del Mar

Song of the day: Matia Bazar- Ti Sento

matia bazar ti sento

Again eighties! However, it seems not to have hit a lot of charts. In the Italian and Belgian charts it was on the highest position, in the Netherlands on spot two. Strangely enough, a cover version by Scooter seems to have had more success… I heard and compared both songs, and the original is just the best! Enjoy the Italian summer sounds of

Matia Bazar- Ti Sento

Song of the day: David Guetta & Sia- Titanium


Yeah, what can we do about this man? I think he’s great, but there are some things, which can be improved! I mean: he knows where to get his beats. He used Felix (Don’t You Want Me) in Sweat, and I heard Shot Me Down, which was originally made by Sonny and Cher! But, this song actually was made by him! Completely original! It’s great to hear it, and I would say: enjoy

David Guetta feat. Sia- Titanium

Song of the day: Lovin’ Spoonful- Summer In The City

lovin spoonful

Searching for some old songs on YouTube, all from the sixties, I came across this song. It was a long time ago I first heard the original of the Joe Cocker version, but I appreciated it more this time. It really was a shame I wouldn’t want to hear the full version, since it’s quite good (actually…)

So for today a golden oldie, enjoy:

The Lovin’ Spoonful- Summer In The City

Song of the day: Soft Cell- Tainted Love


Today we go back to the beginning of the eighties. That was the time Tainted Love by Soft Cell was released. It actually was a cover of a sixties song by Gloria Jones, but I think it was a bigger hit than the original…
At least it was a good dance track, and it still is. It sounds sunny, and therefore it’s song of the day!

Enjoy Tainted Love, tomorrow another song!

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Song of the day: Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer

Hello everyone,

Today’s song of the day is a good song, but even better is the music video with it. It’s made with the stop-motion technique, which creates a very special effect.

It’s the best known stop-motion video, it’s Peter Gabriel with Sledgehammer!

I like this song very much, but admire the video. I think it’s better than having some almost naked girls dancing around: It’s just not original!

This is, and I hope we’ll see more of these original and beautiful video’s the coming years, because I’m tired of all those almost naked girls.

Tomorrow a new song!