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Song of the day: The Jam- Town Called Malice


In 1982, the Jam released their album The Gift. From this album, Town Called Malice would reach the number 1 position in the UK chart. It would be a double A-side, since Precious also became a hit! Quite some people suggest the title is a pun, referring to the book A Town Like Alice, written by Nevil Shute. Paul Weller said he had not read the book when he wrote the song, but he wrote it about his hometown Woking in his teenage years. I especially like the electric organ in the song! Enjoy

The Jam- A Town Called Malice

Song of the day: Spencer Davis Group- Gimme Some Lovin’


A sixties song today, written by Steve Winwood (earlier featured with While You See A Chance), Spencer Davis and Muff Winwood. On the single, you can hear a beautiful (electric) organ (I really like those things). Mind you: this is the original! Most people know it from the Blues Brothers, Queen did it lots of times live, just like Chicago, and there are plenty of cover versions around. The original is from 1966 and is a song of the day:

Spencer Davis Group- Gimme Some Lovin’