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FlinterFile: Joey Dyser- 100 Years


If you’re talking about one hit wonders, this is a good example. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: The Blue Nile- Tinseltown In The Rain


In 1984, The Blue Nile released their only hit. They were without money and without record compagny to release their music, so they really had a problem. The demo of this song was played on a shoestring! Their engineer then took this song to Linn Hi-Fi, who saw changes to market their new equipment, if the Blue Nile used it. They were given 15 000 pounds to record their debut album. This song, the single of the album, was about their home town Glasgow, where the singer tries to find love between all the asphalt. It was number 87 in the UK, but a bigger hit in the Netherlands: number 28. Enjoy

The Blue Nile- Tinseltown In The Rain

FlinterFile: Breakfast Club- Right On Track


In 1987, a new wave band that was formed in the late seventies had their only charting hit from their only album. And in that time, Madonna (not yet famous, as she debuted in 1983) played drums and guitar in the band. The band would rehearse all through the night and eat breakfast together in a local diner, hence the name. Madonna left the band when she was not allowed to be the frontlady… this particular song was produced by Jimmy Iovine (producer at the time of U2, the Pretenders, and Bruce Springsteen), the background vocals were sung by Jocelyn Brown. And Madonna? She was furious… the song ended on number 7 in the US and number 54 in the UK. Enjoy

Breakfast Club- Right On Track

FlinterFile: Alides Hidding- Hollywood Seven


In 1980, Alides Hidding had his first hit. The song was written by Harry Lloyd and Gloria Sklerov in 1976 for Terry Jacks, who just had the hit Seasons In The Sun. On the way home, Gloria Sklerov saw a motel called Hollywood Eight. With Harry Lloyd, they changed their title to sing it better. However, it never was recorded by Terry Jacks, but it ended by Jon English. Alides Hidding’s version was especially a Dutch hit, reaching number 25 in the charts. After this success, Hidding carried on with his band the Time Bandits, with which he had several hits. After that, he started writing hits for artists such as Dan Hartman and Jennifer Rush. Enjoy

Alides Hidding- Hollywood Seven

FlinterFile: Vicki Sue Robinson- Turn The Beat Around

vickisuerobinson turnthebeataround

In 1976, Vicki Sue Robinson released her only hit. Before recording the song, she performed on Broadway. She started in Hair, and later she performed in Jesus Christ Superstar. She also sung background vocals in Fame and sung for several commercials. This song was her only real hit, a disco song which was written by two keyboard session players. In the song, the music that is played is described, and the title, Turn The Beat Around, means to play a drum pattern again.  Gloria Gaynor later covered the song. The original charted at number 10 in the US. Enjoy

Vicki Sue Robinson- Turn The Beat Around

FlinterFile: The Greatest Show On Earth- Real Cool World


In 1970, The Greatest Show On Earth scored their only hit. They recorded progressive rock for the Harvest label, which wanted them to play rock with horns (like Blood, Sweat & Tears). They recorded two albums, before vanishing into nothing… The song Real Cool World was their first hit, which was a small hit in Europe (7 in the Netherlands). Enjoy

The Greatest Show On Earth- Real Cool World

FlinterFile: Starland Vocal Band- Afternoon Delight


In 1976, the Starland Vocal Band had its only hit. The band, made up from two couples, namely Margot Chapman and Jon Carroll, together with Taffy and Bill Danoff. The last two had already released some albums, and sang back-up vocals on Take Me Home Country Roads from John Denver. The song is said to be named after a appetizer menu in Washington DC, but can also be interpreted in a sexual way. The songwriting was not easy: it took six months to write the song. The result was a number 1 hit in the US, number 18 in the UK. After the hit, they released no other songs. Enjoy

Starland Vocal Band- Afternoon Delight

Song of the day: Cunningham- Norma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star


In 1975, the American singer John Cunningham recorded a song under the name Cunningham. As you probably have noticed, the song was written about Marilyn Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jean Baker. He recorded some other singles, which had no success. Therefore, he went on with writing songs for others, including Rhinestone Cowboy for Glen Campbell. His own recording would be a hit in the Netherlands, reaching number 10. The song was recorded again by the Sundown Company for the movie Goodbye, Norma Jean. It was one week in the US chart, reaching number 84. Enjoy

Cunningham- Norma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star

Song of the day: Maxine Nightingale- Right Back Where We Started From


In 1975, Maxine Nightingale, a singer in musicals as Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, made her debut with a song that would be her only hit. The song is about a woman who is wondering where the thing that started her relationship has gone. It would make number 2 in the US and number 8 in the UK. Enjoy

Maxine Nightingale- Right Back Where We Started From

Song of the day: Bobby Day- Rockin’ Robin

bobby day rockin' robin

Rockin’ Robin was a big hit in 1958. Leon René wrote the song, using his pseudonym Jimmie Thomas. The song was recorded by Bobby Day, who took the song to number 2 in the US normal chart and number 1 in the R&B chart. In Australia, the song made it to number 9. As a matter of fact, Bobby Day only had this hit, and never returned to the charts… The cover version, made by Michael Jackson, also did well in the charts: it reached number 2 in the US. However, today we enjoy the original

Bobby Day- Rockin’ Robin

Song of the day: Karen Young- Hot Shot


Saturday night: time to get dancing! This song is very good to do that, since it was the number 1 on the US hot club songs chart for two weeks! On the normal US chart, it would make it to number 67. It came from the album Hot Shot, which was released in 1978. Though it was the only hit by Karen Young, it would be remembered: Daft Punk sampled a part from the song in 1996 and Blondie made a cover in 1999. Karen Young died in 1991, but this song will always stay alive! Enjoy

Karen Young- Hot Shot

Song of the day: The Motors- Airport


Talking about forgotten songs, you probably can bring up this one. It’s a pop/new wave song from the seventies: 1978 to be precise. It made it to number 4 in the UK. Lance Philips (no member, mind you) later said how it became such a hit: it’s outstanding and different from the rest of the music scene. Despite this song being a big hit, the concept of the Motors never became a big success. However, it still is a great record! Enjoy

The Motors- Airport

Song of the day: Billy Swan- I Can Help

billy swan i can help

This artist is generally seen as a one-hit wonder, since this was his major hit, which has made it to number one in the US in 1974. He would write the song in no more than twenty minutes, which was a good sign: Billy Swan saw the quick songs as the best. And it would be one of the best: it was number one in nearly 15 countries! Then it seemed he disappeared, but he would continue writing songs and he would be a session musician. Enjoy

Billy Swan- I Can Help

Song of the day: Baltimora- Tarzan Boy


In 1985, an Italian act had a hit with its debut single. It would be their only hit, but then it was a very big hit: it was 1 in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, reached 3 in the UK and made it to 13 in the US. It uses the cry of Tarzan in the refrain, which makes it recognizable for Tarzan fans. I like the song very much, enjoy

Baltimora- Tarzan Boy

Song of the day: Junior Senior- Move Your Feet

junior senior move your feet

The summer of 2003 sees the rise of a Danish dance duo called Junior Senior. They made several records, but this has proven to be their biggest hit. It was their debute single, and immediately they hit number 3 in the UK and number 25 on the US dance chart. After that, almost none of the singles made it to the charts, and none did make it to the top of the chart. However, this happy song makes people still move their feet, and that’s why it’s the song of this saturday night. Get dancing to

Junior Senior- Move Your Feet

Song of the day: Denis Azor- A Li La

denis azor a li la

In 1967, a man called Jean Denis Azor is born on Mauritius. He will become known as the singer Denis Azor, who had a hit in the nineties called Ala Li La. It was a summer hit in 1991, fitting the genre segâ, which is a typical style on Mauritius. This was very popular in the summer of 1991, but since then we have not heard a lot from the man or the style, so I think we can safely say he’s a one hit wonder. However, he made this happy hit, and I would say: enjoy

Denis Azor- Ala Li La

Song of the day: Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

chesney hawkes the one and only

A summerhit from a movie today! In 1991, the movie Buddy’s Song was released. Though the movie was not a smashing success, the song which was in it was. It is written by Nik Kershaw and performed by Chesney Hawkes (who also was playing a role in the movie). In the UK, the song peaked at number one, where it stayed for five weeks. Later it would become clear that this song would be the one and only hit for Chesney Hawkes, so he ended up as a one hit wonder. A nice detail about the movie: it also features Roger Daltrey of the Who. Enjoy

Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

Song of the day: Typically Tropical- Barbados


In May 1975, Typically Tropical released this single. It would be their only hit, entering the UK chart in the end of June and then climbing in the summer to the first position. It stayed there for one week. After this single, more singles came, but none of these reached the charts. In 1999, the Vengaboys took the song, changed some things (in this version, for instance, they do not go to Barbados, but to Ibiza), reaching the first spot in the UK chart with their song We’re Going To Ibiza. Today the original. Enjoy

Typically Tropical- Barbados

Song of the day: Diana King- Shy Guy

diana king shy guy

A song from a soundtrack today! This song was a song on the Bad Boys soundtrack, and it also appeared on the debute album of Diana King. It was the lead single of the album, and is seen by some as the best song on the section of reggae fusion. It would be Diana Kings only success (depending on how you look at the charts: it certainly was her biggest success), charting in the UK on number 2 and in the US on number 13. In most countries it was in the top 5 of the charts. Enjoy

Diana King- Shy Guy

Song of the day: Black- Wonderful Life

black wonderful world

When at first you don’t succeed, you try again. That must have been the strategy of Black. He had written a song after divorcing his wife, which he recorded solo under the name of the group he had first been in (which was a trio called Black). The first release of his single, in 1986, had no success. So he thought: “let’s release it again.” And he did so in 1987, causing a massive success. As far as I know, he only changed the record compagny. There were some other, small (bottom of the 100 single chart in the UK) hits, but this one really made it, making it to number 8 in the UK. Enjoy

Black- Wonderful Life

Song of the day: Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You

stardust music sounds better with you

Last week, I heard this song on the radio. It’s sort of a forgotten classic, because you (almost) never hear the record on the radio. Not strange, because they were a one hit wonder, but still… It was a number two song in the UK, which is quite good for a French house record. Maybe it’s good to put it forward as song of the day, to bring it back a bit. A nineties house hit, enjoy

Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You

Song of the day: Owen Paul- My Favourite Waste Of Time


This song has been around since 1982, but we have to thank Owen Paul, otherwise we wouldn’t have known it. Starting off as a B-Side, the song did not have a lot of chances to become a hit. The song was then recorded as A-Side by Bette Midler, but the success stayed out. And then Owen Paul came around. In 1986 the song came in the hit charts and went up, to a third place in the UK! And now it’s Song of the Day, so enjoy

Owen Paul- My Favourite Waste Of Time

Song of the day: Timex Social Club- Rumors

Rumors timex social club

Yes, this group was a one-hit wonder! Finally found a real one. They made one album, had one big hit and then it stopped… Maybe the Rumors catched up with them and made them break up. Fact is, that in the eighties, this was a real hit. It has some influences from the R&B and funk, but I wouldn’t call it a record in one of these sectors. What it is, I don’t know. A good record! Enjoy

Timex Social Club- Rumors

Song of the day: Charles & Eddie- Would I Lie To You


Wow, this is an oldie from the nineties! And some already know what I’m gonna say. It was their only hit… After this big hit there was nothing anymore. And I think that’s always a bit disappointing. You have your debute and it is a big hit, and after that, there’s nothing… but let’s face it: it’s better than having nothing! Enjoy:

Charles & Eddie- Would I Lie To You?

Song of the day: Fool’s Garden- Lemon Tree

fools garden lemon tree

Talking about real one hit wonders! This was their only hit, but it’s good…Oh wait, I’m talking about the Netherlands here. I was a bit stunned that they are still active. I only know this very good song from the nineties!

It has a bit of mystery around it, and that makes it that nice song it is! The intro, then something breaks? and after that the voice of the singer, super!


Fool’s Garden- Lemon Tree

Song of the day: Sandra- (I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena


Do you remember? What a hit this was back in the eighties! And now it sounds nice. And I actually was shocked by her discography on Wikipedia. I was thinking: one hit, then disappeared and went to do something else. But what is the case? She still makes music! Not that we hear it on the radio, though, but for us this song will be Sandra forever. Enjoy:

Sandra- (I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena

Song of the day: King- Love & Pride

king love and pride

Dance music? I love it! And that’s why you see dance music regularly on this blog. This is another classic from the eighties! Of course, eighties music is good music, but it’s also the time of disco! And actually, this was the debute from King. A very good debute, because it is the only song I know by them. I was actually puzzled when I came across a Best Of album on the internet. Did they have more hits? I don’t know… But for today, enjoy:

King- Love & Pride

Song of the day: In-Grid- Tu Es Foutu


There are songs which I don’t understand. Mostly those songs are in other languages than Dutch, English or German. This is one of the examples. It’s French, and I never really understand the spoken language. Written French is okay, but spoken… NO!

This doesn’t mean that the songs in French are bad. Actually, they have some very interesting songs… I will feature some in the coming weeks. And let’s start with this one. It’s from the early zeroes (2003) and it’s made by an artist of who we have not heard anything since this hit… or at least: I haven’t.

So let’s enjoy this song:

In-Grid – Tu Es Foutu

Song of the day: Akcent- Kylie


Akcent is a band from Romania, and they are quite popular in Romania. However, I only know one song by them: the song of today.
And trust me, I didn’t know that they made more songs than this one. I actually wanted to put them under one-hit wonders, but then I watched Wikipedia to look for the year this song was released.
While doing this, my eye saw more than only Kylie. It saw a list with 26 singles! I’m still thinking how they all could have missed the rest of Europe, but I guess that’s something like: nice song, and forget the rest. Sorry!

(By the way: Kylie was released in 2006.)

But we have this song, and that’s more than nothing:

Akcent- Kylie

Song of the day: Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora- When The Rain Begins To Fall

Hi there again,

Today a happy song about something which I don’t want!
It’s made by the brother of Michael Jackson…

Yes, it are Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora with When The Rain Begins To Fall.

And yes, I don’t like rain…

Song of the day: The Maisonettes- Heartache Avenue

Hello everyone,

Today the song of the day is made by a one hit wonder.
You sometimes have artists or bands who have one hit, and after that they just dissappear. A lot of summersongs have this, but also other songs.
One of them is the song of the day.

It are the Maisonettes with their hit Heartache Avenue.

Tomorrow two new songs, since it’s friday then!