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Song of the day: Odyssey- Use It Up And Wear It Out


In 1980, Odyssey had their first and only number 1 hit in the UK. Despite the fact they did not make it to the charts in the US (their home country), it would be the start of a list of charting singles in the UK. Their first hit there had been of three years earlier, making it to number 5. They were back on the disco scene! Enjoy

Odyssey- Use It Up And Wear It Out

Song of the day: Odyssey- Going Back To My Roots

Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots

Remember that box full of singles I was talking about earlier? A lot of it was just junk, but some things were quite good. Like the song of today. While sorting out the singles, we came across this single, and my father said: put it with the other singles we have to listen to. Last week we listened to this singles, and when the chorus of this song started, I knew which song it was. And I thought: well, why couldn’t it be a song of the day? And this is the result… Enjoy:

Odyssey- Going Back To My Roots