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Song of the day: Ralph McTell- Streets Of London


This song was already recorded in 1969, to be released on the album Spiral Staircase. He did not release the song as a single until 1974, but then it would become a huge success. The song would make it to number two in the UK, not strange if you know that the single would do 90000 copies a day at one point. And the setting of London might have to do something with it too: it was originally set in Paris, but then Ralph McTell realized he was singing about London: he changed the scene and the rest is history. Enjoy

Ralph McTell- The Streets Of London

Song of the day: Donna Lewis- I Love You Always Forever


Actually I was planning to have another song today. After hearing it two times on my radio today, I had a feeling there was someone trying to tell me something. Sort of subconcious feeling saying: feature this song. And that’s how it came here. Sort of forgotten by most people, including me. What a shame, because it’s a great song. It seems most people would remember it because it was number 2, when the Macarena was taking place number one. A shame, because this is way better! Enjoy

Donna Lewis- I Love You Always Forever