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Song of the day: Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne- Rather Be


2014 was a good year for Clean Bandit. This group, which makes electric music, had a small hit with the song Extraordinary (which is very good too), but the big hit was made with Jess Glynne. It’s one of the best selling songs of this year, and it immediately came to number one in the UK when it entered the charts. In the US, the song came to number 10. The song was sung by Jess Glynne, who would also sing on a record by Route 94 (this will be featured later…). Enjoy

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne- Rather Be


Song of the day: Tom Cochrane- Life Is A Highway

tom cochrane life is a highway

In 1991, Tom Cochrane released his album Mad Mad World. On this album, one song became a hit. Number one in Canada and number 6 in the US, it would be Tom’s best known song. The song would later be used in a cover version on the soundtrack of the movie Cars. This version would make it to number 7 in the US. Enjoy

Tom Cochrane- Life Is A Highway

Song of the day: Kristine W.- Feel What You Want

kristine w feel what you want

In the nineties, while house still was going strong, Kristine W. had a big hit. In 1994, the song Feel What You Want ended up on number one in the US and the UK, both on the club tracks chart. She has an amazing voice, so that might be one of the causes that it was number one… And still it´s one of the best songs to dance on from the nineties. Enjoy

Kristine W.- Feel What You Want

Song of the day: Lighthouse Family- High

lighthouse family high

Released on the last day of 1997, the song was a hit in 1998 (yeah, there’s no real chance that it was a hit in 1997)… It was number 4 in the UK, number 21 in the US and number 1 in Australia. It was the second single by the Lighthouse Family, and it would be their biggest hit (so far, as they still exist). The nice thing is that there also is a dance mix (not bad), though the original is the best to me. Enjoy

Lighthouse Family- High

Song of the day: Annie Lennox- Why

annie lennox why

After her time with Dave Stewart as Eurythmics, Annie Lennox went solo. In 1992, she released her first solo-album: Diva. This song was a single from that album, and it ended up on number 34 in the US. In the UK it did number 5 and it even hit number one in Italy! Lennox wrote the song, according to her, in ten minutes and it was about where she wanted to go in life. Enjoy

Annie Lennox- Why

Song of the day: Doris Day- Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)


An golden oldie today! Alfred Hitchcock made the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much, starring James Stewart and Doris Day, in 1956. Of course he needed a title song, which was written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. The song would be sung by Doris Day, and it would be number 2 in the US and even number 1 in the UK! Normie Rowe would later chart with a cover of this song on number 1 in Australia. Enjoy

Doris Day- Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

Song of the day: The Fifth Dimension- Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In


Back in the sixties, there was a very popular musical: Hair. The Fifth Dimension took two songs from the musical and made a medley out of it. The musical was made in 1967, but this medley appeared two years later, in 1969. It would be a number one hit in the US, staying for six weeks at the highest position! Aquarius is actually the era of love and happiness, which we would enter in the sixties… now they think it will happen after 2062… enjoy

The 5th Dimension- Aquarius/ Let The Sunshine In

Song of the day: Loleatta Holloway- Love Sensation

loleattaholloway lovesensation

In the early eighties, disco was at his height. That’s the reason Loleatta has such a big smile: she had two hits in this time! One was Crash Goes Love, the other was the song of the day. The song was written and produced by Dan Hartman (Relight My Fire), who made a lot of records with this woman. It would be a number one hit on the dance chart, and it is said that this was an exchange: Holloway was allowed to sing on Relight My Fire, so he wrote the song. Dance and enjoy

Loleatta Holloway- Love Sensation

Song of the day: Christie- Yellow River

Christie Yellow River

A song from 1970, which became a big hit in lots of countries. It charted at 1 in the UK and 23 in the US. Jeff Christie wrote it and gave it to the Tremeloes, who would record it in 1970. However, they had success with another song and decided to write their own songs. The producer therefore changed their vocals into those of Jeff Christie. The song was a huge hit in 1970. Many will ask where the Yellow River is located. The writer had the idea of a soldier returning from the Civil War in America, but at the time the Vietnam War was still going on, so many others interpreted it as a Vietnam soldier. Enjoy

Christie- Yellow River

Song of the day: Nilsson- Without You


The original song was from 1970, but the cover version was the real hit. The original was made by the group Badfinger in 1970. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Dawn featuring Tony Orlando- Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree

dawn tie a yellow ribbon

A seventies hit today, and a big one! Both in the UK and the US it was number one for four weeks, and for ten weeks in New Zealand! The content is real love: a prisoner which wants to know if his love will still love him after his sentence, asks his love to tie a yellow ribbon around the oak tree in front of their house, comes home and sees a hundred of those ribbons… It certainly made a yellow ribbon have a meaning in the seventies. Enjoy

Dawn featuring Tony Orlando- Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree

Song of the day: Van McCoy- The Hustle

van mccoy the hustle

Seventies and disco… they go perfectly together. Another example is this song from 1975, which would be a number one in the US and a number three in the UK. With over one million copies sold, it probably is one of the most popular disco songs. It all started in a nightclub in New York City, where the musical partner of Van McCoy saw patrons do the hustle. Van McCoy wrote the song and recorded it with quite some musicians. A few years later, in 1979, Van McCoy wanted to make a 12 inch single out of the song. He died before it was finished… enjoy

Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony- The Hustle

Song of the day: Julie Covington- Don’t Cry For Me Argentina


Probably this is one of the most beautiful songs ever sung. Just like the song of yesterday, the lyrics are written by Tim Rice, and the music is done by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was on the concept album Evita, and later included in the musical. Julie Covington plays the character of Eva Perron, and she sings it during a scene on a balcony. In the UK the song would chart on number 1. Later the song would be recorded by Madonna, but it does not have the same effect, I think. Listen to

Julie Covington- Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Song of the day: The Korgis- Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

everybody got to learn sometime

In the beginning of the eighties, James Warren wrote a song for his band: The Korgis. It would become a hit single, with a number 18 in the US and a number 5 in the UK. It even was number one in some countries! It would be one of their biggest hits, and one which was a favourite to cover. Brian Davis, Yazz, the Army of Lovers, and the Dutch band Krezip, all recorded the song. I learned about the song when I heard the Krezip version, and only lately discovered the rest of the history! Enjoy

The Korgis- Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

Song of the day: Amii Stewart- Knock On Wood


A disco song which wasn’t a disco song when it was written. Not that it is strange, because quite some disco songs were no disco songs in their origin. Knock on Wood was written by Eddie Floyd in 1966, and recorded by its writer. It peaked at number 28 in the US. David Bowie then recorded the song, on a live album, in 1974, and made a single out of it. This would do number 10 in the UK. The biggest hit, however, would come in 1979, when Amii Stewart changed the music into disco, making it a number one hit in the US. Her version would be succeeded by several other covers, none of which were successful. Enjoy

Amii Stewart- Knock On Wood

Song of the day: M.A.S.H.- Suicide Is Painless


It could be some time ago that you heard this tune, since it is not really played a lot on the radio these days. I hear the tune almost every week, since I’m seeing the adventures of Hawkeye, colonel Blake, Frank, major Houlihan and Trapper for the first time on a DVD. The single that was made for the movie was based on the MASH tune, and was written by Johnny Mandel, who did the music, and his 14 year old son Mike, who wrote the lyrics. For his son, this was not bad, since he would earn more than a million dollars with this song. Not bad for five minutes of writing ‘stupid’ lyrics. It would eventually be a number one hit in the UK… Enjoy

M*A*S*H*- Suicide Is Painless

Song of the day: The Scorpions- Still Loving You

scorpions still loving you

Today we’ve got a song from the eighties, to be precize: 1984. It’s about love and pain, and actually about an old love which has died out, but where the two lovers give it a try (again). The melody and the composition of the song were already made, but it took more than six years to get the song on an album. The guitar solo was invented and immediately was right. The lyrics came a little later, when one of the members went out for a walk in the snow. In France the song went to number one, probably even causing a baby boom! Enjoy

The Scorpions- Still Loving You

Song of the day: Moments & Whatnauts- Girls

moments & watnaughts girls

Let’s dance tonight on a seventies pre-disco song! The song was made by two seperate bands, who occasionally worked together: the Moments and The Whatnauts. They recorded a song together, written by Harry Ray and Al Goodman (from the Moments). When they recorded the song, the original Moments were not existing anymore. Later, the band would be renamed to Ray, Goodman & Brown. The song would do number 6 in the UK, number 25 in the US soul chart and number one in the Netherlands. Enjoy

Moments & Whatnauts- Girls

Song of the day: Leonard Cohen- Take This Waltz

leonard cohen take this waltz

Though most people know Leonard Cohen from the song Hallelujah, he made more songs. Personally I think cover versions of Hallelujah are better, but my personal favourite of Leonard Cohen is a song from 1986. He recorded it for a tribute album, and later re-recorded it with the vocals of Jennifer Warnes for his album. It was a translation (though loose) of a poem by one of the favourite poets of Leonard Cohen. The song would chart at number one in Spain. Enjoy

Leonard Cohen- Take This Waltz

Song of the day: Murray Head- One Night In Bangkok

murray head one night in bangkok

We’re going into the eighties today! The song of today came from a musical, which had music written by two members of ABBA, the two B’s: Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus. The lyrics were written by Tim Rice and Björn Ulvaeus. And the recording of the songs? That was done by different persons, and the one who probably had the most success with it, was Murray Head with the song of the day. It was number 3 in the US and number 12 in the UK, but in lots of countries it was number one. The original version changes abruptly into music, which is strange if you forget that it was part of the musical Chess. Enjoy

Murray Head- One Night In Bangkok

Song of the day: Diesel- Sausolito Summernight

sausolito summer night

We make a little step to the eighties today, we’ll return to the seventies tomorrow. Why this step, you would ask. Well, it’s a song that tends to be forgotten. The band Diesel was a Dutch band, one of the few that had a hit in the US. They would start in 1978, when Pim Koopman, the former drummer of Kayak (I will probably feature them later), started a new band, which would be Diesel. Their album Watts in a Tank would be released in 1981 in the US, and that was the album where the song of the day was on. Sausolito Summernight would make it to number 25 in the US and even do number one in Canada! Enjoy

Diesel- Sausolito Summernight

Song of the day: Wild Cherry- Play That Funky Music

play that funky music

Disco at its best in the seventies! Of course it’s a funk song (note the title) and a good one too! Billboard put it on number 73 of the best songs ever, which is not bad for a dancing record. It was recorded in 1975 by the band Wild Cherry, when it was written by member Rob Parissi (the singer of the band). Guitarist was Bryan Bassett, and they invited four horn players to play the horns in the song! It would peak at number one in the US, and it would sell over 2 and a half million records in the US alone! It would make number 7 in the UK. Later, Vanilla Ice took the song, recorded it and paid Rob Parissi a half million dollars since he had forgotten to note him as the writer of the song. The B-side of that single, by the way, was Ice Ice Baby, which was also accused of copyright infringement, this time by Queen and David Bowie. Enjoy

Wild Cherry- Play That Funky Music

Song of the day: The Carpenters- Top Of The World


In 1972, the Carpenters released their second number one hit. It was on their album A Song For You, but it did not immediately reach the charts: the song entered the next year! In the last part of 1973 it would top the US chart, and it would make number 5 in the UK. Karen Carpenter would later re-record the song, since she was not happy with the result it made. I am a big fan of the Carpenters, so enjoy

The Carpenters- Top Of The World

Song of the day: Mud- Tiger Feet


1974 brought the first number one hit for the glam rock band Mud. It was written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, the duo that later would write the single Kiss You All Over from Exile. The song would top the UK chart for four weeks, and that’s not strange, with 700 000 copies of the million worldwide selling in the UK. Enjoy

Mud- Tiger Feet

Song of the day: Billy Swan- I Can Help

billy swan i can help

This artist is generally seen as a one-hit wonder, since this was his major hit, which has made it to number one in the US in 1974. He would write the song in no more than twenty minutes, which was a good sign: Billy Swan saw the quick songs as the best. And it would be one of the best: it was number one in nearly 15 countries! Then it seemed he disappeared, but he would continue writing songs and he would be a session musician. Enjoy

Billy Swan- I Can Help

Song of the day: Rose Royce- Car Wash


In 1976, the group Rose Royce debuted with a single which established their position in disco. The song was written by Norman Whitfield and also produced by him, and it was made for the movie with the same name. This because Motown, the label the band was with, had some financial problems and Rose Royce only was a backing band. It turned out to be a good decision, since the song would make it to number one in the US and number nine in the UK. Enjoy

Rose Royce- Car Wash

Song of the day: Rod Stewart- Sailing


In 1972, the song Sailing was written by Gavin Sutherland for the Sutherland Bros. Band. It would be recorded in the same year, but it never reached the charts. That changed when Rod Stewart recorded the song in 1975. He hit the number one spot in the UK in September for four weeks. A year later, the song would return to the UK top 10, since the version of Rod Stewart was used as the title song of a TV series (the single picture is from that series). It would be the biggest hit for Rod Stewart in the UK, since it would be sold over a million times. Though he also was popular in the US, the song would stay number 58 there. Enjoy

Rod Stewart- Sailing

Song of the day: Chi Coltrane- Go Like Elijah

chi_coltrane go like elijah

This artist had her first hit in 1972, with the song “Thunder and Lightening”. It would do number 17 in the US and made her first album very popular. However, in the Netherlands we know this song more, because it has been number one for several weeks! However, it would only be number 94 in the US, though it got lots of airplay in the world. And as I just read on her website, she will come with new material… Enjoy

Chi Coltrane- Go Like Elijah

Song of the day: Del Shannon- Runaway


A mix between pop and rock n roll was recorded in 1961, as the only big hit for Del Shannon. His first recording session with Maximilian was a big failure, but the manager said they should try playing one of their older songs: Little Runaway. It was recorded, re-arranged with more instruments and released: the song made it to number one in both the UK and the US! Del Shannon then disappeared, though he made lots of other good songs. Enjoy

Del Shannon- Runaway

Song of the day: Lesley Gore- It’s My Party


This is one of the songs that I know for a long time now, and which I learned to know from a Jukebox hits CD. It was released in 1963 by Lesley Gore, who would be the one to make the song into a hit. It would be a number one hit in the US, and the first for Quincy Jones to produce (he would later do a lot of work for Michael Jackson). The story actually is very sad, since the girl who has her birthday is left by her boyfriend, who is walking with another girl. Though Lesley Gore made it into a hit, the first recording was done earlier in the year 1963 by Helen Shapiro, who used it for her album. It was released in October, when Gore’s version had been in the charts already, so the original version was seen as a cover! Later, the song was recorded by Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin. Enjoy the original:

Lesley Gore- It’s My Party

Song of the day: The Moody Blues- Nights In White Satin

the moody blues nights in white satin

One of the all time sixties classics today, written by Justin Hayward in 1967. He wrote it after he got some satin bedsheets from his girlfriend. The song was recorded by the Moody Blues, and it was featured in three different lengths: the album version of 7 and a half minutes, and two different single edits, one of 3 minutes and one of 4 and a half minutes. That means the song was released twice, and that’s true: the first time, in 1967, it charted number 19 in the UK. The second time, in 1972, made it to number one in the UK and number two in the US. Today we enjoy the album version:

The Moody Blues- Nights In White Satin

Song of the day: The Troggs- Wild Thing


Chip Taylor is the songwriter who wrote the song Wild Thing. This song first went to a group called The Wild Ones, who made a single out of it in 1965. This was no big success, but the cover version which was recorded in 1966 was. This version was made by The Troggs, who took it to number one in the US and number two in the UK. It was released on two different labels, but Billboard put those two record sales together and that made it the only single to chart number one for two labels! And today we enjoy the cover… enjoy

The Troggs- Wild Thing

Song of the day: Neil Sedaka- Oh! Carol

neil sedaka oh carol

In 1958, the song Oh! Carol was written by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield. It was the last chance for Neil Sedaka to show he could make a hit, since his first two singles had not charted. Neil bought the three top singles of the week, listened to them over and over again, found out the structure was the same and made a single with this concept. The song was inspired by the affair Neil had on the high school, with Carole King. She released a reaction in 1958 too, but this song would not be a hit. The song by Neil Sedaka charted number 9 in the US and even number 1 in Italy! Enjoy

Neil Sedaka- Oh! Carol

Song of the day: The Shadows- Apache

apache shadows

There was an instrumental song, written by Jerry Lordan, which has been on number one in the UK for five weeks. The original was recorded by the Shadows in 1960, which also was their first big hit in the world. Hank Marvin had gotten an Italian echo-chamber from Joe Brown, which he used on the single. Bruce Welsh borrowed a guitar from Cliff Richard, who would be playing the drum in the beginning and the end. The song would be one of the first steps to the rock sound of the Beatles. Enjoy

The Shadows- Apache

Song of the day: Chubby Checker- The Twist


In 1959, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters recorded a B-side for their song Teardrops on Your Letter. The song was a small hit in 1960, but it never broke through. Till Chubby Checker, and he covered the song in 1960. He started the Twist dance craze, and his song hit number one on the Billboard Chart! However, the twist is older than the two records we just discussed. In 1844, there was a song in mininstrelsy, called Grape Vine Twist. Via several ways, the song came to Chubby Checker, who made the twist popular. He had a lot of success with the song, not in the last place because he kept recording it in new versions. He even got the fever started again when he recorded Let’s Twist Again! In the UK, this song even got more popular than the original, which never really got there… Enjoy the first version:

Chubby Checker- The Twist

Song of the day: Otis Redding- Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay


In 1968, Otis Redding wrote a song together with his guitarist, Steve Cropper. It was recorded in December 1967, in the days before Otis Redding sat in a plane that would crash. Everyone in the plane died, except the trumpetter of the band, Ben Cauley. Stax (the label) released the song posthumous, and it would be the first posthumous single that would reach number one in the US and number 3 in the UK. It features a lot of sea sounds, and there is also a whistle in the song. It would later be replaced by an instrument, but because of Redding’s death, it could never happen. Since the first recording, it has been covered numerous times, including versions of Bob Dylan, Percy Sledge, but also Pearl Jam and Michael Bolton. Enjoy the original

Otis Redding- The Dock Of The Bay

Song of the day: Percy Sledge- When A Man Loves A Woman

percy sledge when a man loves a woman

In 1966, a song hit the American chart on number one! It was written by Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright, and recorded by Percy Sledge. In the UK, it originally peaked on number four, and even on number two in 1987, when it was released again because of a commercial. Since the recording of Percy Sledge, it has been covered by numerous groups, like the Spencer Davies Group, Bette Midler and Michael Bolton. Today we enjoy the original

Percy Sledge- When A Man Loves A Woman

Song of the day: Louis Armstrong- What A Wonderful World


Bob Thiele and George David Weiss wrote a song in the sixties which would be very famous, and even better: in the original version! In 1967, Louis Armstrong recorded the song, which would be number 1 in the UK and number 12 in the US. The optimistic song was first given to Tony Benett, who did not want it. He would later record a cover of the song. Louis Armstrong would be the oldest male artist in the charts hitting number one, until Tom Jones did the same with a cover of Islands in the Stream. The song would be a hit again in 1988, when it was used in the movie Good morning, Vietnam. The only mistake is that it is played on the radio here in the year 1965, when the song was not yet recorded! Enjoy

Louis Armstrong- What A Wonderful World

Song of the day: Dave Berry- This Strange Effect

dave berry this strange effect

In 1965, the Belgians held a festival in Knokke. One of the songs performed on this festival was This Strange Effect. The song was written by Ray Davies (known from the Kinks) and hit the charts in September 1965, peaking at number one in the Netherlands and Belgium (where the festival was held). The song reached number 37 in the UK. The Kinks never really recorded the song, though they played it live a few times (mind you: Dave Berry never was member of the Kinks!). Later the song was recorded by Bill Wyman, who was the bassist of the Stones, and Hooverphonic, a (great) Belgian band. Enjoy the original:

Dave Berry- This Strange Effect

Song of the day: The Righteous Brothers- You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

righteous brothers you've lost that lovin feeling

A 1964 number one hit today, and a good one, too! The song is a typical example of the Wall Of Sound by Phil Spector, and it was the last big hit he produced. The lead vocals were done by Bill Medley, with Bobby Hatfield joining in the chorus. The last was a bit annoyed by this, and wanted to know what to do while Bill Medley was recording his vocals. Spector would have answered this with the words “You can go straight to the fucking bank.” Gene Page arranged the strings and one of the backgroundsingers was Cher. There was one problem, though. The song was too long, namely 3 minutes and 45 seconds! Spector had a solution for this: he printed on the single 3:05, added a false ending so DJ’s would think the song was shorter, and released the thing. It made it to number one and is still seen as one of the greatest songs ever. Enjoy

The Righteous Brothers- You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Song of the day: The Animals- The House Of The Rising Sun

house_of_the_rising_sun the animals

Possibly this is a song which makes you have more questions than answers. Where is the House of the Rising Sun? That’s one of the questions that no-one is really sure of. The origin of the song is better known: it started as a traditional folk song. The first and oldest recorded version was recorded in 1934 by Clarence “Tom” Ashley and Gwen Foster. They could sing it since the song was passed on by the grandfather of Clarence Ashley. Through several artists, this song came to Lead Belly in 1944, was it recorded in 1958 by Pete Seeger, and the version of Bob Dylan followed in 1961. Via several other ways, the song was sung in a pub, where Eric Burdon heard it. He was a member of the Animals and wanted to sing it to have something else for the tour, which they did with Chuck Berry. Bob Dylan was accused of plagiarism, because the cover became such a hit. He stopped singing it, but liked the version a lot. And most people did: it became a number one hit in the UK, the US, Canada, Sweden and Finland. Later it was recorded by many other artists, though this version stayed the most popular. Enjoy

The Animals- The House Of The Rising Sun

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper- True Colors


This is an eighties song from the album “True Colors”, and it’s the only original song on the album that Cyndi Lauper did not help writing. Writing was done by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. They were responsible for the last number one hit for Cyndi Lauper in the US. The song was about the mother of Billy Steinberg, but it also became a popular in the gay scene. Later it was covered by Phil Collins, though that is a bad cover. I just think the original is a beautiful song and therefore enjoy

Cyndi Lauper- True Colors

Song of the day: Patrick Cowley- Menergy

menergy patrick cowley

An eighties disco song today! And the text on the front is only partly true: it was a number one in the US disco/dance chart, and not in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Just like the other singles of Patrick Cowley, the song managed to get in the Top 10 of the disco chart, but did not enter the normal chart. The song was later released with the vocals of Sylvester. In the normal version, the song is great, but the best version still is the 12 inch, which lasts for nearly 9 minutes! Enjoy

Patrick Cowley- Menergy

Song of the day: Exile- Kiss You All Over

exile kiss you all over

In 1978, the new album by Exile appeared. One of the singles made it to number 6 in the UK and even to number one in the US! This song was written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, who have written hits for Suzi Quatro, Mud, the Sweet, Tina Turner and lots of other artists. After this hit, one of the vocalists, Jimmy Stokley, left the group, and the group went on with making songs which were more like country music. This gave them several smaller hits. However, this song is the song we remember them for:

Exile- Kiss You All Over

Song of the day: Maxi Priest- Close To You

maxi priest close to you

In 1990, a song by Maxi Priest would make it to the first place in the Billboard Hot 100. The artist is a British singer, who mostly records reggae songs. He already had had hits with songs such as Wild World, and this would be one of his biggest summer hits. It sounds like the summer does, so enjoy

Maxi Priest- Close To You

Song of the day: Mory Kante- Yé Ké Yé Ké

mory kante yeke yeke

In 1987, a singer called Mory Kanté was a hit. He came from Guinea and that means that the sounds of Africa influence this song, making it a summer hit. And it went up in the charts, reaching number one in some countries, especially in Europe. It was the first hit from Africa which sold over a million records! Later it was remixed and covered, which made a re-entry in the charts. However, these versions were not as successful as the original version. Enjoy

Mory Kanté- Yé Ké Yé Ké

Song of the day: Melanie C- I Turn To You

melanie c i turn to you

This is probably the only Spice Girl who had great successes after the period of the Spice Girls. I will not talk about the (horrible) cover of It’s Raining Men by Geri Halliwell, and also not about Victoria Beckham. Today it’s about the woman who recorded Never Be The Same Again, which is on the same album as the song of the day, namely Northern Star. The song would be the second number one hit in the UK. It was and is a great dance hit, and it’s great to dance on it. Also, it is a genuine summer hit, so enjoy

Melanie C- I Turn To You

Song of the day: Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

chesney hawkes the one and only

A summerhit from a movie today! In 1991, the movie Buddy’s Song was released. Though the movie was not a smashing success, the song which was in it was. It is written by Nik Kershaw and performed by Chesney Hawkes (who also was playing a role in the movie). In the UK, the song peaked at number one, where it stayed for five weeks. Later it would become clear that this song would be the one and only hit for Chesney Hawkes, so he ended up as a one hit wonder. A nice detail about the movie: it also features Roger Daltrey of the Who. Enjoy

Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

Song of the day: Aventura- Obsesion


A summer song from 2003. The song is made by a Dominican-American band. They had a hit with it, peaking in a lot of countries on number one. They are remembered for this song, since later songs were no big hits. The lyrics are about a man, who likes a woman very much, that much, it becomes an obsession. Sadly, it is not love. It’s only an obsession. I would say: enjoy

Aventura- Obsesion

Song of the day: Tiziano Ferro- Perdono

tiziano ferro perdono

In 2001, an Italian singer made his debute with the album Xdono. The lead single made it to number one in lots of countries, like Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. The music was based on a sample of R. Kelly. Though I do not very much like R Kelly, I do like this song. Not typically summer, but it has the right feeling for a summer day with a bit of rain (like today). Enjoy

Tiziano Ferro- Perdono